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Concert review of the Tromsų-gig / 2000-03-15 taken from the
website of
DYNACOM.NO, March 2000.
English. Found at the dynacom-site.

Tromsų, Norway
March 15, 2000
rating: 5 of 6

Jazz, pop, funk, rock, psychedelia, country, blues--all the genres were invited to Motorpsycho's kick-off of the 2000 tour, on the heels of the release of their cryptically sweet Let Them Eat Cake. From an unpromising start, the concert ascended to an awesome demonstration of why Motorpsycho remains one of the world's best live bands.

Too Late, Too Loud

I had travelled from Harstad to Tromsų to experience this concert (quite a stretch), only to mess it up by attending a pre-concert gathering that was slow in moving to the venue.
The result was that we missed the first 45 minutes of the show! Moreover, this was a down period in the concert, with a few obscure and forgettable blues numbers, and the equally forgettable "P.P.P.P.". It is to Motorpsycho's credit that they were able to make me forget the concert's inauspicious start and let myself go.

Come On, Clap Your Hands

Only when they gave their trademark prog-rock treatment to "Wishing Well" (excellent version!) did things improve, and we started moshing enthusiastically to..."Big Surprise"!! From this surprisingly rocking version onwards, the concert charged on with amazing speed, and before we knew it, it had culminated in these songs that seem to just get more and more intense for each time Motorpsycho play them: "The Nerve Tattoo" and "The One Who Went Away".

...And Again!

After the mayhem that had built during the concert, we were thankful for the relief of a quiet first song in the encore set. In a gutsy move (even for Motorpsycho), they started off the encore with "Whip that Ghost", a mellow instrumental and an impressive technical achievement. But after that, there was no mercy as they whipped us on and on in the mosh pit with great tracks like "Walking On the Water" and the "Black to Comm"/"Hey Bo Diddley" medley.
When we were all completely drained of energy, they gave us the cherry on the cake: the incomparable "Vortex Surfer". This was when I suspected that the concert could have earned a full six @'s rating if only I had been there from the start.