[media stories: 2001: english]

10 short ones

Geb being asked 10 short questions
taken from the Norwegian edition of women magazine
ELLE, November 2001.
English translation done by Siver Moestue.

  Geb in 2001
Name: Håkon Gebhardt
Age: 32
Job: Musiker (drummer in Motorpsycho)

1: What makes you upset?
"Intolerance, fanatism and terrorism!"

2: What makes you happy?
"Love! Or a fucking great gig. Good food and having a good time with friends also makes life worth living."

3: What occupation would you choose if you could do something different?
"Then I would be a rocket scientist or a space scientist. That seems really exiting. Would be cool to learn about the space outside our own galaxy, and the space outside that, and even the space outside of that..."

4: How often do you drink alcohol?
"Since I have become older, I drink smaller quantities, but more often. I'd say I drink wine to my dinner and a brandy in the evening at least 3 times a week."

5: What do you like to watch on TV?
"Seinfeld and comedy like that. Not movies, exept from The Naked Gun and movies with Jim Carrey."

6: Favourite music?
"I like a lot of different things. As long as it touches me emotionally, the music style doesn't matter. But I listen to a lot of bluegrass and trashgrass."

7: Who do you admire?
"Dolly Parton."

8: Are you concerned with fashion?
"Just got myself a nice suit when I was in Belgium, so I guess I have become more interested in looking good over the years. But I don't consider myself interested in fashion. The main issue is that I have my own style."

9: Describe yourself in 3 words
"Curious, playful, energetic."

10: Yr house burns down. You can save only one item – what do you choose? [translator's ann.: *lol*. I bet they didn't know...]
"My girlfriend. We lost our house in a fire last summer, and as long as she survived, nothing else mattered to me."