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Reports on the Folken-gig / 2000-10-17
taken from the
Norwegian venue's website
FOLKEN.NO, 2000-10-19.
English translation done by ystein Winsnes.

Motorpsycho in earlier years ...  

Motorpsycho at the Folken
... in earlier years.


Two of our boys went to the gig with Motorpsycho here at Folken on Tuesday, and afterwards they were having very different opinions on how good it really was... Rather than letting them fight about it, we will present both the gig reports. Then you can make up your own minds of who is right.

version 1

MP Tuesday, October 17, 2000
Two hours of thunder and noise from Norway's biggest rock dinosaurs. What can I say? The boys in MP can impress the most spoiled concert people. There are very few bands in the world that can beat them when it comes to intensity on stage. Blablabla... Enough of that. Everyone knows what the tronderboys can do.

The gig on tuesday night was a great success. MP was not in the innovative corner, and the audience got one hit after the other straight in their faces. Tuesday, a packed hall [1], a great atmosphere, Bent and Baard in a gracious dance on stage, a lot of encores and applause... We bow in the dust!

And to you who had fun with putting paper on fire and throwing it down from the gallery: Don't give up hope, there are a lot of skilled psychologists in this country.


version 2

MP Tuesday, October 17, 2000
This is the last time I will bother spending time on MP. Once Norway's best (live)band. Now a tiny gang who lives on old triumphs and is not able to deliver the goods. I'm fed up with hearing two hours of prog. On tuesday they played one, maybe two good songs (one from Demon Box and one from Blizzard, as far as I can remember), the rest was only a mess.

There were a lot of people of course. The ones that I know from the old days, those who have been there since the beginning and who liked MP when they played proper rock, they shook their heads and were disappointed, while the "new crowd" of fans were excited, this means that they don't have any critical sense. If only the little bit of what is left of this once so great band is on a hill nearby, they can just sit there and eat pizza [2]. People would applaud and they would be called geniouses anyway. No people, wake up. If it is what you heard of MP on tuesday that you want, then it is enough nice price records from the 70-ties to discover.

And to you dear Motorpsycho, if you read this: Yes we liked it when you made long instrumental parts and took of on songs like The Golden Core. That doesn't mean that you have to do it with every song you play. It can easily be a bit boring.

Well, well, anyway it was better than the last Motorpsycho gig.


translator's comment:
[1] well, it wasn't packed, around 500 people present, and ~600 is allowed there
[2] strange sentence ...