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Some minor MP stuff from Paul's heap of mags

OOR concert review
METROPOLIS, zuiderpark,
rotterdam, holland

The Norwegian MP takes an even louder road [than Coven of Thieves]. Screaming feedback and industrial noise in guitar and bass, completed by repetitive rhythms and tortured screaming. Go down as if in a mudbath or slink off, there is no compromise.

Outtakes from an OOR concert review
ROSKILDE, denmark,
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

[younger guitar bands also get a chance to prove themselves.] MP does so with an impressive set in an unusual mix of metal, guitar pop and more experimental pieces. Their dark compositions are strong as iron and are disturbed by mandolin as well as a number of deafening feedback-interruptions and against the grain-effects. [Bad Religion could draw a lesson from that.]

Willem van Zeeland