[media stories: english: 1997]

Daemons at Play

taken from German magazine
INTRO #43 / April 1997.
English translation done by Guido Hogen.

Now then. I kinda get used to the productivity of these Norwegians. I expect surprises. This expectation might seem absurd, but it has been always.fulfilled. This year's follow-up to "Blissard" gives no pause to take a breath on their way. Even if Bent has lost the picture of being a rockstar out of the eye - and left a lot of disillusion behind - and Snah by the way got totally un-rockingly a daddy: "AADAP" works as a relaxed and in its roughness enthusiastically fine MP-disc.

The band - I have to stress this point again after a long time - that wrote history with "TM", doesn't have to convince nayone anymore, on the contrary, they can start to blink at chart positions. This relaxedness can be found in each of the 11 tracks on this first album version (as mentioned earlier, on tour there's a a triple CD-box with bonus material). "We went to the studio to test things. Spontaniously we've decided to record the sessions, because it felt good at this moment. The atmosphere at Athletic Sound Studio in Halden is simply great, since it is located very quiet. And at night we all slept together in bunk/storey-beds. So we stank each others to death and had lots of fun." While Bent is talking about the very good mood between the band members, a conforming euphory creeps up his face. With their current album, MP say goodbye the the extremely formatted structure of their predecessor. "On Blizzard we had less time and a high pressure to do everything as perfect as possible. Now we had more time, we were able to record everything much more relaxed and even spent less time in the end. The tracks are not so complex, they are not even completely arranged, at least regarding my bass lines." The curious title of the last track ("TM") relates to the fact that it was written last-minute while they in the studio. That's for "spontainiously assembled albums".

Snah, sitting on the opposite chair, grins quitetly. Well, he can smile, since the guitars on AADAP are an experience on their own. Hans-Magnus worked himself with 40 degree fever through the sessions - as roumor tells. However, his passion can be heard in every single piece.

There's also something epic on this album: however, the story to "Un chien" doesn't sound that dramatic as if it would be appropriate for a "let's-fly-away" epos. "It's a atory of a dog who has been shot into orbit by scientists. One day he gets lonely, hungry and sad. He starts to shit in his space suit and dies. A very sad story." Ok, if seen this way... To state that AADAP would be a rather funny album, would include the redefinition of "funny" in relation to the mainly melancolic basis of MPs music. "If you take a look at the layout of this and the last album, it should be vice versa. This album has a lot to do with light/brightness, Blizzard was much more darker."

Now, this stock-taking should be ended with the hint - but hey,I guess everyone already knows - that MP will be playing live in may, amongst others on two evenings at the Forum in Enger. See you there!

Carsten Sandkämper