[media stories: english: 1998]

Monsters, angels and demons

Concert review of the Rockefeller gig
taken from the Norwegian left-wing newspaper
3 weeks after the release of Angels ehhh... Trust Us. : )) Have a laugh!
English translation.

Last saturday, Motorpsycho gave a big concert experience - a long evening with Bent, Snah and Gebhardt and a quite varied repertoire with goodies from amongst others Demon Box , Timothy’s Monster and Angels And Daemons At Play.

Rockefeller, Oslo
Saturday, march 14th, 1998

Motorpsycho broke loose with Bent Saether’s infernal bass thunder and Snah’s (Hans Magnus Ryan) driving and psychedelic guitar licks, set in tone by Gebhardt’s (Haakon) piercing drum rolls. Sure it worked, people started dancing, headbanging and pogoing before the scene that bathed in crystal blue light. The hits came as pearls on a string, it worked especially in the songs <>, <> and <>. Though it was mostly new songs, especially off Angels And Daemons At Play, that were played. That’s allright, but I did miss songs off their best and most uncompromising LP, Lobotomizer, which was released in 1991. Furthermore, Motorpsycho has become more commercial and saleable in its old days and even though they earn well in selling big issues, I think a part of the old intense glow of the heavy Lobotomizer-era has vanished.

Striking tones

Motorpsycho mixes in the most in its peculiar music, everything from country, blues and ballads to acid rock, thrash and punk. In accordance with their extremely autonomic philosophy, they have an open mind for experimenting, something that has given them a very broad field of impact. The close co-operation of the trio with Death Productions has also lead to that every now and then, they mix in a whole of striking and obscure electronic melodies in their music. Everybody from punks, skaters and metalheads to hippies, techno-freaks and straights dig Motorpsycho. Saturday’s concert clearly showed this, and seldomly one sees such a varied audience. At least, most people seemed to be in a good mood with Motorpsycho’s agressive and sweet melodies. Motorpsycho is very concerned with questions in society, the environment, war and the like, but at the same time they suddenly change to friendly choir songs with simple and almost childish refrains. Here lies something of the violent charm that Motorpsycho has, and that once again enchanted the audience. After being cheered back on stage by the audience, a heap of encores followed, and afterwards people were wonderfully intoxicated by this huge musical experience.

[picture: Motorpsycho is on tour, amongst others to promote their new record Angels And Daemons At Play. Saturday they played at Rockefeller.]

Per Søgaard