[media stories: norwegian: 2000]

King Bent The Namedropper

Snip taken from the
Trondheim edition of
NATT & DAG, October 2000.
English translation done by Rolf Clausen.

Bent Sĉther is Norway's number one namedropper. During ten years he has set the standards for uncountable record collections, and absolutely no-one doubts that Bent has more knowledge than most of us. He has a. o. namedropped the following bands:

Kiss, Gong, Beatles, Mercury Rev, Genesis, Yes, Hawkwind, Jefferson Airplane, Sonic Youth, Neil Young, Thin Lizzy, Hüsker Dü, Led Zeppelin, The Who, James Brown, Dinosaur Jr., The Stooges, King Crimson, Sun Ra, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Slayer, The Residents, Nick Cave, Chet Baker, Nick Drake, Motorhead, Mountain, Spiritualized, Aphex Twin & The Cure.

The list could be made long, Bent is definetly the winner on this field. He has also namedropped the childrape-scene in a Clockwork Orange, Svartlamon and Italy.