[media stories: 2000: english]

Makes His Way

Interview with Geb about LTEC and his solo-projects
taken from the Norwegian newspaper
NATT OG DAG, May 2000.
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

  Gebhardt - 2000

He beats the hell out of his drum kit as the rhythm section of Motorpsycho, but he's sick of standing in the shade of Bent and Snah. Now he beats the big drum and releases a solo album. Playing everything by himself ... Who does he think he is?

@ You can't use all of your creativity as a drummer in one of the world's best rock bands?
# No. I can't. It's been very extreme last year, with a MP album, a solo album and a record with a guy from the Hellbillies.

@ How do you imagine your solo concerts?
# I've been thinking about how I'm going to present this material live... Probably I'll have to bring the music on an 8-track tape, and play with pedals on the volume knobs while I play one of the instruments myself. That way I can play any instrument I feel like playing most on that night.

@ Have you become so self-sentered that you think you can make better music alone?
# No, but different music. MP use a lot of styles, and I like maybe even more myself. I came up with the title 'Gebhardt Plays With Himself' and just had to make something out of it. I feel like a real beginner. MP has been going for 10 years, but it feels like three. We've accomplished a great deal, but it still feels very fresh. With this solo album, it really feels like starting from scratch.

@ It's out on vinyl only?
# Yes. The reason for that is that for the first time I've taken responsability for everything myself. I paid everything myself, made all the deals myself, made the cover myself. If I had time and more money, it would have been out on CD too.

@ The banjo on the cover looks pretty special ...
# Yes, I found it in a bar in New York. It had a broken neck and was all ruined. I bought it and it took me two or three days to fix it. The tuning pegs are more expensive than the rest of the banjo. It's also a fretless banjo, probably the only one in the world.

@ You've passed 30, isn't it time to give up the life of rock n roll with sex, girls and dope?
# It is, and that's exactly why I've begun to adapt to the club size. I see how it goes with all the poddle rockers that go on for too long. I have a dream about playing in a pub-band. There are many fun young musicians that are crazy enough to join me.

@ By the way - you have a tendency to dress naked on scene ...
# Hehe, it's a lot more comfortable than playing with clothes on. The playing naked thing has a special history. When we played in Germany many years ago, we had an incredibly bad support act that irritated me so much I did it as a sort of protest. Later it became sort of a tradition, but I quit because people became more interested in peeking over the drums than listening to the music ...

@ You're singing on the last MP album, and you've written a couple of songs. Does that mean you're starting to replace Bent as the front man?
# Yes, I hope so. I've been playing drums back there for a lot of years. There's a strong equality within the band, and it's nice to get noticed by singing and writing songs, cause that's something I've been doing since I was two inches tall. There are mostly instrumental tunes on GPWH, and I've also been writing a lot of songs with absurd lyrics.

@ Dagens Naeringsliv [conservative Norwegian newspaper] gave up and started giving you rave reviews. Did you change sides?
# Hehe ... no, I'm sure that's because I put some money in "aksjefond" ... Besides, it's good to get into such circles, where so-called highly cultural things like opera rule. I don't mind selling albums to a diverse audience.

@ Commercialising, in other words?
# No, rather accessability. Commercialising means adapting to sales, and I can't help it that my mom and the folks at Dagens Naeringsliv have the same taste as I do.

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