[media stories: english: 1997]

Pukkelpop 97

Official report from the Pukkelpop festival
taken from the festival's web-site,
In English.

As usual a day of blazing heat was concluded with a giant thunderstorm: at half past nine the Norwegian trio Motorpsycho climbed the stage of the clubtent for what was to be a sixty minute noise-inferno. The eight lines of chamber-music that were to be given to us could be the perfect soundtrack to the cult-film "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre". Their tunes would be as indigestable as the junkfood we bought a little furter-on.

Just when I thought these two days of festival were ending, these re-risen Vikings [?] committed the ultimate assault on our limbs (and ears) with their opening song Radiance Frequency. Walking On The Water (You Lied) from the recent release Babyscooter kept us captured in Jacques Villeneuve's exhaust-pipe for minutes. Mantric Fuffin [?] and Soperstuk [?] sucked us endlessly on into the all-devouring stream. S.T.G. felt like a bungy-jump in which you not only crash but get the bridge on top of you as well. If this is Norway, then it's clear where Edvard Munch got his inspiration for "The Cry".

The outreagous tornado-power was - like in the heavenly Flick Of The Wrist - interluded once in a while with subtle indierocklandscapes, but only a little while later the mad cows could freely craze around again. Listeling to the entire Godspeed-series by Trumans Water at once should give about the same effect as Motorpsycho's Heartattack Mac. The hyper-enthousiastic audience wanted more, but were, after Vortex Surfer - the most beautiful volcano-eruption since Pompeii - helplessly sent towards the Chemical Brothers.

The best gig since the one by The God Machine in de Vaartkapoen, already four and a half years ago by now.

Christophe Demunter