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Akane Psychonaut:
Motorpsycho-fan ved en tilfeldighet

Interview with Akane Nakamura (Japan / g35)
taken from the Norwegian e-zine
PULS, 2001-08-29.
The original answer in English.

PULS har snakket med noen av Motorpsychos hardcorefans som følger bandet rundt på på konserter og ofte opparbeider seg et avhengighetsforhold til musikken deres. 12. september starter Motorpsycho Europa-turnéen for å promotere neste ukes utgivelse Phanerothyme. I går presenterte vi Leslie fra USA og Nederland. I dag er vi kommet til Akane Nakamura fra Japan.

variation of the MP logo

MOTORPSYCHONAUTS: #3: hardcore heads

name: Akane Nakamura
age: 35
residence: Fukuyama-Shi, Hiroshima-Ken, Japan
occupation: fishmonger at the market, blant annet av norsk laks

When did you discover MP, what was it that made you turn onto it, did it happen at once or was it something that took some time to develop. Was it one song, if yes, then what song?
I bought MP's first album throught mailorder of an import record store in Tokyo around '93 or so. I thought that was American Motorpsycho at that time, but the LP I got was Norwegian Motorpsycho. I was very surprised, really. That first album was a bit strange to me, because they played many different kind of music, some were my faves and some were so-so to me.
But anyway Motorpsycho was listed up on my interesting bands list, then I found their next one "Soothe" on the same mailorder catalog. I decided to buy one again and that made me crazy about Motorpsycho. All of the songs on that album beat me up. Really wonderful, fit to my taste, god, I thought at last I could find real best favorite band of this world... yes, they're still NO.1 to me.

  MP in 2001

Have you discovered any other artists / bands because of MP's music or by things the band have said in interviews etc.?
Well, some... like TSOOL, but also I know Snah had interested in some Japanese noise artists, Keiji Haino, Melt Banana and so on, yeah, they are very interesting, too. Also good ol' 60s and 70s bands...

MP have done mostly anything within the loose boundaries of the concept rock and have also been outside of the fences a time or two, in what direction do you hope to see the band go?
The good part of MP is they just try to do their own soul wanna do. I mean I never see such a band before, they aren't packed into shitty music categories, they play many different music and it always amuse me. Pop, noise, heavy rock, jazz, even country music, tons of others, and it sounds they enjoy playing those songs they made. At the first place I loved their heavy tunes like in "Demon Box" but I guess I've also grown up a bit, too. Also they still play heavy tunes sometimes, right? So I love them still. And they show me more interesting music world, too.

Name your three favorite MP-releases (including EP's)!
Demon Box, Timothy's Monster, Another Ugly EP (but this list changed by my own mood)

  cover - front: Timothy's Monster; artwork: Kim Hiorthøy
Artwork: Kim Hiorthøy

What is your opinion on bootlegging?
Actually I'm not interested in bootlegs. I always think that those never give anything (especially money) to the band themselves. And MP is really unknown here, their bootlegs are hard to get in Japan. Old person's opinion, maybe. But if it's fan base, I mean exchange or something, without making filthy money, it's alright, I think. I joined CD TREE on g35 and it let me know how great their live performances are!!! God, it was really great to me, because except official Roadwork releases and a video, I never ever know how they are on the stage.

How many times (approximately will do, but if you have the correct number...) have you seen MP live, and how many concerts are you planning to see this tour? Name the show you remember with most pleasure, maybe you have any bad experiences as well?
Nar... I will go visit the Stickman Fest and the following two shows in October, it will be the first MP experience for me!!! Maybe I'm crazy, but this is a good chance for me to see MP... living in far east and keep being a big fan of MP is totally different situation from other fans in Europe, I guess... and it seems they won't come to Japan in the near future...

What do you think of the other bands that are playing at the Stickman Festival 13th October in Hamburg? The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Fireside, Isolation Years and 35007.
I love TSOOL! So I'm happy they also play there. I'm also interested in the other bands and also a new Swedish band is MP's fave one, so I really can't wait to see that festival.

  MP in 2000
MOTORPSYCHE: Mental space

Are there any other bands/artist that you have the same relation to as MP?
No, I love many music and bands, but MP is always a special one for me. Some bands that really moved me or had some strong feeling are Fugazi, Mega City Four, Something For Kate, Nicolai Dunger...

Have MP influenced you to do something that has changed your life in some way or another?
I started to play in a band. The band broke up, but it was fun. Then I started to play Theremin. It's a big thing for me and well, I've been having interests in Theremin before I knew MP, but MP, well Deathprod. used Theremin in some songs and it kept me having interests in. And at last now I have a theremin class twice in a month (there's a real Theremin player in Japan and he has some classes now! To play theremin like other musical instruments, not for making noises or sound effect!) and try to be a good Theremin player. Seriously if MP never used Theremin in their songs, I never think I try to play Theremin. I try to play some MP songs now, it's fun and feeling good, yes.

MP is well known for putting out collectors items, limited editions etc. Some say this is wrong because of the fans not being able to buy everything, while others considers this to be one of the great things about MP. Your opinion?
To me it's very sad sometimes. But fortunatelly I started to listen to MP from their first album, so not perfect of course, missed some, but I think I have enough releases of MP anyway... but well yes, it's pain, while European fans talk about those things... goooooddddd!

  Lobotomizer - cover - front

Coverart. Kim Hiorthøy does most of the work on MPs releases and he does a great job most people would say. Whats your favorite, and are there any covers you dont like at all?
I do LOVE his art works. It's much better than "Lobotomizer" I can say, it was not so bad to my taste though. With Kim's artwork, MP was getting attention I think. Thimothy's was the best I think, I also have LP Box, so that was really a masterpiece. "Tussler" was fun, too... the first "Trust Us" package was nice also. MP covers are another fun thing when I get new releases. Dislike one? I can't find it, even if I can rank those covers.

Define your view of MP with five words.
Sorry, I can't do that!

At last (a bonus question): if you won a prize, and got to put together a setlist for a concert with Motorpsycho, how would that look? Lets say 3 hrs at most.
mmmm...too hard to write up!

You've hust read what answers Akane from Japan had to offer for our questions. Visit PULS tomorrow too, then you can have a look at what Torsten from Germany had to tell.

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