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Elisa Psychonaut:
Addicted to Motorpsycho

Interview with Elisabetta Annamaria Cavallero (Italy / g35)
taken from the Norwegian e-zine
PULS, 2001-08-31.
The original answer in English.

I do not expect anything from them: maybe one day they'll play something I won't like / appreciate. It's ok. I think it's important to admit that you don't like something your favourite band has done... even if it's your favourite band. The Italian festival organizer Elisabetta Annamaria Cavallero snakker om sitt kjære Motorpsycho.

Kim Hiorthøy - Står bak alle omslagene til Motorpsycho - og er ikke så veldig glad i oppmerksomhet...

KIM HIORTHØY: Står bak alle omslagene til Motorpsycho – og er ikke så veldig glad i oppmerksomhet...

name: Elisabetta Annamaria Cavallero
age: 21
residence: Bologna, Italia
job: Festivalarrangør

  Elisabetta Annamaria Cavallero

When did you discover MP, what was it that made you turn onto it, did it happen at once or was it something that took some time to develop. Was it one song, if yes, then what song?

Demom Box: cover - front  
DEMON BOX: Elisabetta's first meeting with Motorpsycho

I discovered Motorpsycho in 1996, through some friends. In particular I remember the first time i heard them, the album was Demon Box and the song was The One Who Went Away. This friend of mine wanted me to hear the last "Now listen: we're there to help you" (correct me, stig, if im wrong :), cos he was sure to hear: and listen, we made this in opium... he was so excited about it! "That's why Waiting For The One and The One Who Wen Away are so different!" he used to repeat continously! So, my very first MP album was Demon Box. I can't exactly say WHAT made me turn into MP and their music, cos it took quite some time to develop... I remember when i saw them the first time in Rimini (velvet) in '97, I was more into rock and hard rock in that period so I couldnt really understand the psychedelic parts, which are the components of their music i love the most now... I have changed a lot over the years, many things had influenced the way I listen to music and in the meantime... i became a motorpsycho-addicted..!

Have you discovered any other artists / bands because of MP's music or by things the band have said in interviews etc.?
I did, but it was mostly through the mailing list. reading other fans' e-mails let me discover Built To Spill, 35007, Turbonegro, Mercury Rev, Yo La Tengo and so on. I like their music. The band itself let me know Can, Sun Ra, Allman Brothers, Radio Birdman... I am often interested about what the bands i like listen to or who are they inspired by when they play; I think it's one of the best ways to discover other good bands... I cannot listen to everything, even if I would like to; in this case Motorpsycho were my "filter": I could get in touch with some bands i didn't know before and with some very good music.

MP have done mostly anything within the loose boundaries of the concept rock and have also been outside of the fences a time or two, in what direction do you hope to see the band go?
I am not hoping anything, i am just following the band's direction, which was very satisfactory until today. I do not expect anything from them: maybe one day they'll play something I won't like / appreciate. it's ok. I think it's important to admit that you don't like something your favourite band has done... even if it's your favourite band.

Name your three favorite MP-releases (including EP's)!
1) "Timothy's Monster"
2) "Trust Us"
3) "Demon Box"
I have choosen according to how many times every album was played on my stereo, otherwise it would have been impossible! And, Stig, don't ask me such questions anymore... !!!! :D

  Motorpsycho - Timothy's Monster
TIMOTHY's MONSTER: the definite favourite...

What is your opinion on bootlegging?
It may exist between fans, but they have to know each other, because there are a lot of people (and fans) who don't care or simply don't think about the band and start selling bootlegs. I am not inclined to support bootlegging, but Motorpsycho need some special remarks cos their shows are something unique, every single show is something "independent", absolutely original, even if it's better to save some money and go to more than one Motorpsycho show instead of listening to it on a bad recording. i know that sometimes you would also like to listen to a show you've been to; I did it of course but I don't play those recordings that often so maybe that's why i tend not to support bootlegging that much.

How many times (approximately will do, but if you have the correct number...) have you seen MP live, and how many concerts are you planning to see this tour? Name the show you remember with most pleasure, maybe you have any bad experiences as well?
I have seen aprox. 30 Motorpsycho shows; 5 shows between '97 and '99 and around 25 the last year (spring + summer + autumn tour).
The show I remember with most pleasure? It depends on what do you mean with the word "pleasure". If I felt particularly good one day, then maybe that can be the best show. If you're talking about music it's hard to answer. Pisa (Ciak, 9-04-00) was for sure a particular show, very intense, very powerful, and moving. I enjoyed a lot when they played in Rimini (velvet, 17-05-98). They started with Radiance Frequency and even if it's three years old I remember the entire song so clearly... they touched my soul that time. There were less than 50 people that night, but it was so good! Great setlist, great show.
Feldkirch (Poolbar, 3-09-00) in Austria was also very good, an "intimate" show in a very nice town, Mestre (magic bus, 6-04-00) was magic, etc., etc., etc.
But there is also a bad experience and that was in Oslo (Rockefeller, 19-10-00); it didn't have anything to do with the show itself, but it was so bad that i had to go back home in the middle of this Norwegian mini-tour. I still don't know the reason(s) why i felt so bad and maybe I don't need to. That's why i don't know how many concerts i am going to see this tour.

What do you think of the other bands that are playing at the Stickman Festival 13th October in Hamburg? The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Fireside, Isolation Years and 35007.
I like Fireside a lot, and also 35007. Unfortunately i dont know The Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Isolation Years, so if i'll go to Hamburg it'll be basicly for Motorpsycho and Fireside.

Are there any other bands / artist that you have the same relation to as MP?
On one side there's the band, on the other there are fans: How can you use the word "relation", "relationship"? Where's equality? I don't have a similar relation with other bands.

Have MP influenced you to do something that has changed your life in some way or another?
Of course they did, but I don't know it yet.

MP is well known for putting out collector’s items, limited editions etc. Some say this is wrong because of the fans not being able to buy everything, while others considers this to be one of the great things about MP. Your opinion?
I am tempted to say that im not able to buy everything, anyway I'm not a collector and I dont go mad if i can't find one version of the same cd with a different cover, etc... I go mad for many other reasons!

  cover - front: Blissard; artwork: Kim Hiorthøy
Blissard – The best cover!

Coverart. Kim Hiorthøy does most of the work on MP’s releases and he does a great job most people would say. What’s your favorite, and are there any covers you don’t like at all?
I like Blissard very much (cover, booklet, etc.) and all the EPs in general...

Define your view of MP with five words.
Patience, pleasure, intensity, loneliness, friendship.

At last (a bonus question): if you won a prize, and got to put together a setlist for a concert with Motorpsycho, how would that look? Let’s say 3 hrs at most.
Oh no! i dont have enough spare time to think!

Du har nå lest hva Elisa fra Italia svarte på våre spørsmål. Sjekk www.puls.no i morgen også, da kan du se hva Paul fra Nederland har svart.

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