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Paul Psychonaut:
Motorpsycho made me move
from Holland to Trondheim!
[translator's note: this is not a quote from the interviewee!]

Interview with Paul Caspers (Netherlands / g35)
taken from the Norwegian e-zine
PULS, 2001-09-02.
English translation done by paul himself.

Everything they've done so far has been great. Even though I don't think the direction they've been heading in for the last three years has been very interesting, it's still incredibly good music. With this interview with Paul Caspers from Holland, the interview series where fans talk about their relationship with Motorpsycho has come to an end. Paul left Holland to get his dear concerts!

Bent - live in the old days...

BENT: Må overlate vokalen til Bård om Paul Caspers' ønske går i oppfyllelse:
En Motorpsycho-konsert med bare Bee Gees-co

name: Paul Caspers
age: 21
residence: Groningen, Netherlands
job: Student

When did you discover MP, what was it that made you turn onto it, did it happen at once or was it something that took some time to develop. Was it one song, if yes, then what song?
I got hold of the Blissard album as a coincidence when it was released in '96. It took me about half a year to realize how good the album and the band were.

  Paul Caspers - g35 / Netherlands
PAUL: Flytta fra Nederland for oppleve Motorpsycho!
Foto: Stig Aasheim

Have you discovered any other artists / bands because of MP's music or by things the band have said in interviews etc.?
I'm pleased to have discovered TSOOL and later on Union Carbide Productions through the band and their label. Neither of the two are very well known here in Holland. Some other bands I came across through Stickman Records are 35007 and Favez, and they're absolutely great. And also Supersilent and anything else with / by Deathprod.

MP have done mostly anything within the loose boundaries of the concept rock and have also been outside of the fences a time or two, in what direction do you hope to see the band go?
I really don't give a shit, as long as they believe in what they're doing. Everything they've done so far has been great. Even though I don't think the direction they've been heading in for the last three years has been very interesting, it's still incredibly good music. And I think that's because they're so confident in what they do, whatever they do. Maybe that sounds like a cliche, but that's the way it is.

Name your three favorite MP-releases (including EP's)!
Blissard is definetely their best album, but I also love 8 Soothing songs and Demon Box. And LTEC.

What is your opinion on bootlegging?
I have a collection of ca. 150 live recordings, and part of their music I listen to is concerts. I think it's great that there are so many people recording, and that the band is ok with that. On the other hand, I understand it when they get mad when bootlegs are being sold in stores. I also get mad.

Motorpsycho - in 1990(!)  
MOTORPSYCHO: På Uffa, 1990.

How many times (approximately will do, but if you have the correct number...) have you seen MP live, and how many concerts are you planning to see this tour? Name the show you remember with most pleasure, maybe you have any bad experiences as well?
13 times, in Holland, Germany and Norway. All concerts in Holland in 1998 were excellent, and the gig in Skien last year [2000] was really impressive. The Tussler concert in Veita last year was perhaps the best MP experience I remember. I have at least one bad experience: Rockefeller, April 30, 2000. The gig itself was alright, but the audience was absolutely the worst I've ever seen. That completely ruined the concert. I'm looking forward to attending at least three concerts this year.

What do you think of the other bands that are playing at the Stickman Festival 13th October in Hamburg? The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Fireside, Isolation Years and 35007.
TSOOL is one of the best bands I know, and they're really amazing live. I like Fireside, but the last gig I saw them do sucked bigtime. I don't think 35007 are as good as they used to be, but they still rock live! I'm looking forward to hearing Isolation Years. [translator's note: after having heard the band, I quite like them!]

Are there any other bands / artist that you have the same relation to as MP?

Have MP influenced you to do something that has changed your life in some way or another?
Well, I moved to Trondheim last year and learned some Norwegian. [journ. note: Paul actually answered in Norwegian and his answers have only gone through a tiny checkup!] I also met my recent girlfriend during a MP gig!

MP is well known for putting out collector's items, limited editions etc. Some say this is wrong because of the fans not being able to buy everything, while others considers this to be one of the great things about MP. Your opinion?
I like to collect collector's items, but it's too much when they release three different versions of the same album, like they did with AADAP. Especially when all the covers are so great, and when there are bonus tracks. Something that irritates the hell out of me is that they sometimes put extra songs on the vinyl version, because I hate vinyl! And the result is that limited issues are being sold for a lot of money. I know the band and their label are against that, but I think that's bullshit. If they don't like it, then they should release albums in larger editions. I think The Tussler album for example should be available for everyone. I mean, it's a great record! And I don't doubt for a second that Bent has no problems with paying a LOT for some obscure coloured-vinyl issue of a Coltrane record! [translator's note: suddenly realizing there probably don't exist any coloured-vinyl Coltrane records...]

Coverart. Kim Hiorthøy does most of the work on MP’s releases and he does a great job most people would say. What’s your favorite, and are there any covers you don’t like at all?
Everything he does is nice in one way or another. Blissard has a very beautiful cover. The covers of the AADAP EP's are also very nice. I like Bent's covers of the Roadwork-series. I also love Hiorthøy's illustrations in some norwegian children's books. They're sweet in a bizarre way.

Define your view of MP with five words.
Best band in the world? But in Norwegian, that's three words. I like MP a lot, in Swedish, it is then. Forget it, I'm not good at that. [translator's note: kind of untranslatable...]

At last (a bonus question): if you won a prize, and got to put together a setlist for a concert with Motorpsycho, how would that look? Let's say 3 hrs at most.
A gig with no support act. And if the concert would last for three hours, I would like a leather couch in front of the stage, and a fridge with port and icewater. Then they can play whatever they want. But maybe an encore set with only Bee Gees-cover songs would be nice. With Baard singing.

You've read what Paul from the Netherlands has answered to our question catalog. He was the last one interviewed in our series about Motorpsycho fans. Kanskje du ved å ha lest alle disse har fått et enda bedre innblikk i hva Motorpsycho egentlig er. Eller kanskje du mener at noen av disse folka er beviset på at verden er en gal plass?

Uansett kan vi vel alle antageligvis glede oss til mandag; da kommer Motorpsycho med ny skive: "Phanerothyme". Og til høsten kanskje vi sees på veien? PULS lover i alle fall å være tilstede der det skjer når det skjer, sjekk våre sider daglig for å finne ut hvor du skulle vært i går!

Stig Aasheim