[media stories: 2002: english]

[chat log]

Copy of the webchat Geb and Snah were doin'
during their appearance at the German Bizarre festival / 2002-08-17
in big parts also available on German web site of
ROCKPALAST.DE, put online 2002-08-18.
English (most of it]. Logged by Erik Andreas Røkland.

Geb and Bent, webchatting via the Rockpalast / WDR server during the Bizarre festival 2002.
photo: Rockpalast / WDR
  Bent and Geb at the Rockpalast webchat on the Bizarre festival 2002


[Lokoslutt] Hello!

[spacedough] i bet MP dont like to do this stuff, so they're late hehehe


[Lokoslutt] Do you like this, MP?

[khm] hi everybody

[spacedough] hello bent and geb

[spacedough] welcome

[Admin] Now online: MOTORPSYCHO. Your questions in english, please !!!

[superstooge] hello bent

[khm] hi geb! :)

[spacedough] hello alex ;-)

*** Admin changes topic to 'Now online: MOTORPSYCHO'

[spacedough] nice to meet MP and all the psychonauts here :-)

[khm] motorpsycho: did you like the collaboration with JJ so far?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] JJ are fun,young,and impressionable...

[khm] bent & geb: that was a very powerful show this afternoon!

[ruhrgebeat] how do u fell playing a festival with TURBONEGRO? :)

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] TRBNGR rules: what an echonomic instinct..

[spacedough] i am happy to see nothing to see reappearing on the setlist(s)

[hanne] hi bent and geb..thank you for the show yesterday in köln....was probably the best concert i've ever seen

[Lokoslutt] Gebhardt & Bent: Are you updated in the MOLDE vs ROSENBORG match?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] mplde - RBK results please!

[Lokoslutt] MOLDE vs Rosenborg : 1-2

[khm] bent & geb: do you know already which songs you will recod for the fishtank thingy? :)

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] fishtank totally loose, but tristano probable

[Motorpsychodelic] bent why dont you cut your hair again? it looks much better !

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] long hair? we are the eagles of the millenium!!!

[khm] yeah, tristano! the version you played today was very very tight!

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] it will get looser again

[spacedough] i just wanna thank MP for hours of joy you gave to me with your music!!

[Lokoslutt] Geb & Bent: How about videotaping the Fishtank-recording???

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] no equipm. listen,not see OK?

[michael] MOTORPSYCHO do you know J MASCIS and DINOSAUR JR ???

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] I dont know him,but he wrote a lotta greatsongs

[Britta] hey motorpsycho-guys, saw you the 2nd time today, yourre so fucking great. your gig in cologne in oktober braught tears into my eyes!!!!!!

[spacedough] bent or geb, what was the last great musical discovery you made?

[khm] britta: köln 2001 was indeed one of the best 2001 sjows! :)

[khm] motorpsycho: are you satisfid with "love cult"? you changed the final tracklists quite a bit...

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] love cult is what it was meant to be - an exploration...

[Motorpsychodelic] im looking forward to septmeber 9th

[michael] i love the J MASCIS album MORE LIGHT u too ???

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] never heard more light

[spacedough] bent or geb, what was the last great musical discovery you made?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] latest discovery: homerecs of eric dolphy from 58-62

[spacedough] thanks, i will look for it!

[superstooge] bent & gebhardt: you did a gig with the swedish band Anekdoten, do you like their music?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] anekdoten are crimson fun, and developing

[Lokoslutt] Geb & Bent: Where is Snah?


[^MaDmaX^] Bent: I read that you once said that a record collection without Nick Drake - is no record collection. Any album you would recommend for a starter?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] so many must haves: go w/yr nose!!

[spacedough] cheers to snah ;-)

[Britta] can i have an autograph??? i'm the blondhaired girl right nest to you.... sorry...-))

[khm] bent: this is a fun question: what is your favourite grateful dead period? ;)


[Motorpsychodelic] what about a gig in the nice southwest of germany, like saarbruecken , bent and geb !

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] southwest? shure! any place worth playing?

[khm] bent & geb: are you looking forward to playing in america? will you change the sets a bit?

[spacedough] bent and geb, will you play in bienne again, or stick to zürich?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] no more JA planned, but who knows?

[Lokoslutt] Bent & Geb: Are getting tired of all this touring? Very much the last months...?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] not tired - inspired!!

[harkan44] what are u drinking bent? becks???

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] some promo-dusseldorfthingy...

[khm] anyone from g35 here?

[spacedough] khm, yes

[Lokoslutt] G35

[Motorpsychodelic] listening to DR HOFFMANNS BYCYCLE

[spacedough] daniel

[winnebago] im on g35..... but only reading...

Motorpsycho, backstage at the Bizarre festival 2002  
l.t.r.: Snah, Bård, Bent, Geb. Motorpsycho, backstage at the Bizarre festival 2002.
photo: Rockpalast / WDR

[Lokoslutt] Geb & Bent: How serious is the tinnitus of yours, Gebhardt?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] tinitus is doing just fine - leaving!

[Lokoslutt] OhH!! Great to hear!

[Motorpsychodelic] @ GEB and BENT how many minutes will the new album love cult last?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] lovecult is approx 50 mins

[khm] oh, the classic album lenght...

[khm] bent & geb: where has the inspiration for continueing the roadworks series gone?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] there are sooooo many gigs on tape, and noone feels like listening through all of it: suggestions?

[spacedough] release ALL of it

[khm] mp: RWIII : groningen 2002

[Lokoslutt] Geb & Bent: Why don't you play any of the other New songs on this tour? Keeping them secret?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] were playing the ones that JJ "fits" on. back in fall w/more!!

[easyfranky] Do you have plans to release a live concert on dvd?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] working on videocollection-DVD - ask kim!

[Lokoslutt] VIdeocollection-DVD!! Great news!!!

[harkan44] how will the fishtank thingie work, geb and bent??

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] fishtank all loose - no plan!

[khm] bent & geb: so you have found the feeling for "vortex surfer" again? did it work?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] vortex sorta worked - broke a string,everything was outta pitch....but felt good!

[khm] mp: nice to hear that the surfer worked again. :9

[caseyramone] MOTORPSY. What do you think about the Bizarre line up this year?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] bizzarre is a bit too metal for me,but fun all the same

[andreas] is this the last festival in germany for you?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] tomorrow: Highfield in Erfurt

[khm] is "theme de yo-yo" one of the contenders for fishtank! i liked that song!

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] yoyo is def. a contender!

[Lokoslutt] Rosenborg WON 2-1. Brattbakk and Johnsen goalscorers!


[spacedough] i just found the webcam... bent looks like ozzy today ;-)


[spacedough] the hair, bent! so sweeeet!

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] its hot, sweaty and late - I think it looks sexy

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] can you smoke in chat-rooms?

[winnebago] geb uses too thin sticks....

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] geb uses two thin sticks!

[prisoner] you need fire ? :-)


Motorpsycho greetings  
the boys say 'HI'!.
scan: Rockpalast / WDR

[setab]@motorpsycho-------- how many cymbals destroy your drummer in one year?


[Taxitotheocean] why doesn't bent grow a mustache?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] the moust. is coming!

[easyfranky] are you looking farward to the TERRASTOCK 5 festival in oktober ???

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] terrast. will be intr. also playing knitting fac in NYC and another one

[harkan44] what do you think about the moldejazz-gig???

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] molde was outta control- but fun!

[khm] motorpsycho: so, you will support the bevis frond, right?


[Taxitotheocean] bent, do you ever use your ibanez hate bass?


[winnebago] geb: please give away your cymbals to the people who need them!!

[setab] @motorpsycho-------- yes give us cymbals

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] cymbals to the people!!

[Lokoslutt] Geb & Bent: Do you like M*a*s*h? I bet Snah does...


[Taxitotheocean] can i buy your hate bass PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] hatebass not for sale

[harkan44] why the fuck did you begin dancing???

[harkan44] koffør i hælvette (banning e ikkje lov hær) begynt dåkker å dans i molde????

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] dancin is fun - esp to a sickass sun ra song!

[khm] motorpsycho: have you thought about playing "my best friend" with JJ? now that should be interesting. :)

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] is my best... really a sax-song?

[khm] mp: i dunno...it is so diverse!

[Taxitotheocean] Bent for PRESIDENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Taxitotheocean] Bent why did you use the Hi-Watt amp?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] hiwatt is amazin [together] w/[am]peg

[Motorpsychodelic] hey lady in pink, can you read that? please answerr, i can only see your neck

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] she's not that nice !!!

[spacedough] be nice to the ladies, bent!

[harkan44] can't you make sorta box w/ all the lp editions of your albums... would be hælvettes cool!!??

[gabbagabbaramone] TOD: didn't you have that one record in a Metal Box?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] The Soothe Ep from 92 came in a metal cover sleeve, 100X

[Motorpsychodelic] who is the blond nbice lady bent is flirting with ???????

[Motorpsychodelic] but she looks nice, HUH?

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] flirting! dont ask...

[Motorpsychodelic] BENT you CASANOVA......LOL


[winnebago] about flirting: can you give me the phone number of the blonde girl in the slow phaseout video? :)

[Motorpsychodelic] HEXE , motorpsycho sind aus norwegen , die sprechen kein deutsch

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] unser deutch ist nicht happening - sorry!

[Taxitotheocean] bent, do you still use the pk-5 pedal?


[Taxitotheocean] i read you used to use the roland pk-5 pedal

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] ahhh-roland. no-no need when Baard [is] here

[spacedough] does anyone in motorpsycho know terry prachett books?


[harkan44] are you guys into a big retro period or something???? now you play songs that you haven't played in years like nothing to say, and sinful-wind borne, vortex... why?? some sort a sellout??


[Britta] thanks for the autograph!!! you rock!!!!


[Taxitotheocean] so moog taurus it is then?

[Taxitotheocean] for snah i mean

[GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO] taurus still in, but no samplefireing beim fuzz

[harkan44] will you keep bård on your next tour(s) also, or will you be a 3-peice band again??


[Taxitotheocean] what's your favorite bass?


[spacedough] Bent, do you really like the Monkees?

[winnebago] Monkees rule


[spacedough] even after the movie "HEAD"?


*** GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO was kicked by TOD_FROM_FIREWATER (Don't use this bad word!)

[Motorpsychodelic] MOTORPSYCHO do you like GENESIS ???

[spacedough] but the monkees took it serious, didnt they?

[easyfranky] MOTORPSYCHO: When will your concert be aired tonight on wdr?

*** GEBHARDT_BENT_FROM_MOTORPSYCHO (rockpalast@***.wdr.de) has joined #rockpalast

[Motorpsychodelic] MOTORPSYCHO where have you gone ???

[spacedough] goodbye MP

[Motorpsychodelic] thinking about NICE LADIES?

[spacedough] :-(

[easyfranky] :(

[Motorpsychodelic] shit theyve gonbe away