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Live at the Magic Bus (VE) Italy, 6th April 2000

Concert review of the Venice-gig / 2000-04-06
taken from the Italian stonerrock e-zine
STONED GODS, April 2000.
English. Found at the stoned gods-site.

  Bent and Geb - live in Venice 2000-04-06
Big Surprise. Bent and Geb live on stage in Venice 2000-04-06.

Hey, this is the third time that I see one of the best live bands of every time: Motorpsycho!! This Thursday evening hundreds of people are crowded in this small club, the Magic Bus, ready to surf on the motorpsychedelic waves.
On the stage there are the three Norwegian magicians plus one friend at the keyboards. The band has got a new album out, Let Them Eat Cake, but the first song that they play is the old and beautiful ballad It's Time To Skate, with Bent at the acoustic guitar and Snah at the bass. This instrumental change is use also in the following two songs (one of them is the melodic and care- less Big Surprise), then Snah back to his guitars for the rest of the show.

Many old and new songs flow from the stage, always with long instrumental totally psychedelic addictions, as in the band tradition. Some older songs like Nerve Tattoo or Hey Jane are well accepted by the fans, as well as the new ones, as Never Let You Out, the single The Other Fool or a long incredible version of Whip That Ghost, an infinite jam session with amazing rhythm parts and dreaming solos, with some reminds at the Allman Brothers. Snah sing in the magic atmosphere of the simple but charming Upstairs-Downstairs, an acoustic episode that touch you inside, in the deep of your soul.

Upstairs & Downstairs. Snah in Venice 2000-04-06  
Upstairs & Downstairs. Snah, the magician in Venice 2000-04-06.

Walking With J. have a great impact for the people in first lines and the rockin' attack of Back To Comm, an MC5 cover, is simply implacable. In the middle of the show there's a black out in the club, due probably to the weather, and all the lights and amplifiers remains out for some minutes.
Bent starts an acoustic song and all the audience begin to sing the old Waiting For The One, from the Demon Box. A really incredible moment, I didn't think that so many people know that song.

The band give others songs to the fans, including a great version of Hogwash and a pair of rock'n'roll covers as encores. The show ends with one of the best motorpsychedelic tune, Vortex Surfer, a supersonic ballad that take the listener with an slow intro and lead him to the wall of distortions that explode in the middle of track, the best way to say good bye to the fans. As always, an incredible magic, a perfect dream, a super psychedelic vision painted on our mind.

We hope to see them again, we are all waiting for the next show!