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In Those Days

Article taken from the
Norwegian newspaper
English translation done by Paul Caspers.

Motorpsycho ... 1991 Motorpsycho ... 1991

The year was 1991, the band was called Motorpsycho and the drummer was called Killer- kjell, but was actually named Kjell Runar Jenssen. Monday Let Them Eat Cake will be released, to the pleasure of both public and critics. But 9 years ago the record was called Lobotomizer and was the Motorpsychos' debut. "Can I be the first to state that the music is better than the cover on Motorpsycho's debut-LP? Within the horrible retro-hippie-cover I actually find music. All in all Lobotomizer is a very promising first attempt in the difficult process of translating trashmetall from stage to vinyl, Adresseavisens reviewer Ole Je (?!) wrote, among other things. Bent Sæther himself described the record as one huge brain-blowout, and at the same time gave an interesting revelation:
During the recording, I stood and cried during several of the songs.
By that time, Motorpsycho had already played their first concert, a support job for TRBNGR at UFFA. Bent has grown tougher over the years, even though he still remains among the artists that values music the most. And the trashmetal-characteristics have finally been traded for a solid dose of pop-characteristics, something many have been nagging about for years. On their next record, Motorpsycho had traded in Killerkjell for the young, promising Gebhardt. The rest is, as they say, history. Killerkjell later played in the garage rock band Swamii, wrote about Sonic Youth for Adresseavisen and also played in the noise rock band Del, who had Thurston Moore as a sworn fan.