[media stories: english: 2000]

Motorpsycho - Take The Cake!!!

Article / Interview around the LTEC-success taken from the
Norwegian newspaper
VG, 2000-03-09
English translation done by Stig Aasheim.

"Let them eat cake" on top of the VG-list.

It took Motorpsycho ten years in the first division of norwegian rock before they now at last - for the very first time - have topped both of the VG-charts in three weeks!

First it was "The Other Fool EP" on the singles charts, and today the album "Let Them Eat Cake" smashes right to the top of the album chart.

When it first happens, it's a fun freak-thing to take with you. This kind of charting isn't exactly a habit in our universe, a sober Bent Sæther remarks. 'Cause "LTEC" is not a energetic heavy rock'n roll-album from the typical Motorpsycho-universe, rather a light and bright album much closer to the pop-landscape. But don't be afraid, they haven't abandoned the rock.

The seven hardrockers that didn't fit in here, are already mastered and sent to Man's Ruin in USA, who will release it over there, tells Sæther. They are also ready to release No.2 in the live-series, a live-recording from 1995 with The Source, which will be released when the time is right, Gebhardt will release a soloalbum,and a new single with the compulsory B-sides will be ready when Motorpsycho hit the road in March.

With a new member, Baard Slagsvold (Tre Små Kinesere, ed.). He plays the piano like a jazzlegend and bass like a chinese. Besides, he sings great. Our concert may have been a bit one-dimensional the last few years, but with Baard in we can focus more on a few more things, for instance the accoustic parts. That might be good, says Sæther.

When VG last interviewed the trio, during the Roskilde Festival last year, none of them made a secret of the fact that they were tired. But not now. We needed a break last year. The rest of Europe has already swallowed their part of Motorpsycho. In december they did about 60 magazine-interviews on the continent, dutch television has been in Trondheim and made a documentary on the band, and "LTEC" are to be released in every country in Europe. Maybe the nicest is the extravagant praise from the prestigeous New MusicalExpress (NME), who handed the album eight out of ten possible points.

Stein Østbø