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Sinatra Warms up for Motorpsycho

Interview relating to Motorpsycho's appearance
at the Oyafestivalen / 2002-08-10
taken from the Norwegian newspaper
VG, 2002-08-06.
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  Motorpsycho in 2002
DIGGER SINATRA: Motorpsycho og Frankie Boy har kanskje ikke så mye til felles rent musikalsk, men platesamlingene til rockerne fra Trondheim inneholder mange Sinatra-plater. Nancy Sinatra varmer opp før Håkon Gebhardt (fra venstre), Bent Sæther og Hans Magnus «Snah» Ryan spiller på Øyafestivalen.
Few bands can brag about Sinatra warming up for them. That's why Motorpsycho was very pleased to see the poster for this year's Øyafestival.

The best thing with the whole festival is that we have Sinatra as warm-up, smiles vokalist and guitarist Bent Sæther.

Although it's the wrong Sinatra, it's something that looks good on the CV.

Preferably, it should naturally have been Frank Sinatra. Frankie Boy is a big hero and well represented in Bent's record collection. He claims to have at least 10-15 albums from the legend. In addition to a great many concert and TV-recordings from the 60's and 70's.

Finally Yes

Tuxido and Sinatra. Its a tradition every new year's eve, Bent explains.

For aparent reasons it won't be Frank who warms up for Motorpsycho at this weekend's Øyafestival. Daughter Nancy Sinatra is however not a bad compensation according to the guys.

For three years the promotors of the festival have tried to get Motorpsycho to the festival. This time they finally got a 'Yes'.

Nancy Sinatra - Foto: Reuters  
TIL NORGE: Nancy Sinatra. Foto: Reuters

Its never been a good timing for us before. We've always been in the middle of a rehersal period before a tour at this time of year, but this year we decided to do some festival jobs, drummer Håkon Gebhardt explains.

The band has nothing but admiration for the festival which they believe is very important for the underground in the norwegian rock scene.

The Øya [festival] is premium. We have huge respect for the people behind it. They have a vision with what they do, Bent brags.

New album

22nd and 23rd of August they leave for Amsterdam and "The Fishtank Studio", where they will record something they call a "improvised album" in two days.

It presents a great opportunity to document some of what we've done together live, Håkon says.

Although we stem from different music genres, our understanding of music is mutual. Of what is good and how things become good, Bent explains.

September 30, Motorpsycho releases their own album, "It's a Love Cult". That will be the 13th over a period of 13 years, something which makes Motorpsycho one of Norways most productive bands, without affecting the quality. The "Spellemann" (norwegian music culture) awards have hailed on them [very rough trans.]. Music critics have always been generous with superlatives.

We have to work this way. The harddisk must be cleared occasionally to fit in something new, Bent says.

Motorpsycho plays the Øya festival this Saturday.

Ronny Oksvold