[media stories: english: 2001]

'We don't do well in jazz clubs'

Excerpt from an article about the 'jamband movement'
taken from the Dutch newspaper
DE VOLKSKRANT, 2001-01-18.
English translation done by Leslie Hadlock.


The first European band that can be described as part of the jamband movement is Norway’s Motorpsycho. This rock group has attracted a devoted following of adventurous listeners with atmospheric studio CDs and loosely improvised concerts. In an expanded incarnation with jazz musicians Motorpsycho constructs a new genre. The improvised metal of the live Roadworks Volume 2 CD is a treat: wildly enthusiastic rock musicians frequently swerve off course while trying to keep up with the soloists in the Norwegian free jazz quartet The Source who play at decidedly quieter levels.


Remco Takken