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Concert review of the Veita Scene-gig 2000-03-18
taken from the
Norwegian e-zine
WAY OUT, 2000-03-20.
English translation done by Stig Aasheim.

Motorpsycho - live in Trondheim 2000-03-18

Veita scene
18 . 3 . 2000

I must admit that I was very curious before this concert. Would Motorpsycho try to recreate the sometimes complex sound of "Let Them Eat Cake"?

At Veita this night there was no signs pointing in that direction. The band came as a classic rock-outfit:
Bass, guitar, drums + the new member, ex-chinese Baard Slagsvold on keyboards.

They entered the stage around ten, and without any ceremony they poundered right into it with a, for me, unknown song, probably a cover.
The second song I recognised after a while, it was "High Time", the titletrack of MC5's legendary album from 1971. These guys know their rock history, that's for damn sure.

The response from the audience went notably up during the first tones of "Walking With J."
From then on it was a journey through Motorpsycho's comprehensive musical archive. In rapid succession we were given: "Whip That Ghost", "Never Let You Out" , "The Other Fool" , "Black To Come", "Nothing To Say", "Hey Jane" and "Starmelt, Lovelight."
Gebhardt's Syd Barrett influenced "Never Let You Out" was introduced with these words: "Give the drummer some !"

The instrumental "Whip That Ghost" from "Let Them Eat Cake" was given perfect justice live.
The albums five minutes was stretched to fifteen this saturday night. Snah was here given the opportunity to prove what a versatile guitarplayer he is. (The man is Jimmy Page , Thurston Moore and John Coltrane in one person!)

Motorpsycho - live in Trondheim 2000-03-18

There was no lack of climaxes, with their experience they master about anything, and it's a joy seeing them play live.
I've seen them on Veita quite a few times now and I may have expected a sound which to a higher extent would reflect the musical changes the band has experienced the last year. This show was maybe too similar to the concert on Veita last fall.

I guess I expected the impossible, but this band sets the standard at such a high level that we easily get spoiled.

How about teaming up with Jaga Jazzist the next time?

Knut (psychonaut) løvås