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      Any news or insights you want to share? ;-)


        The show is up on DIME now. Hope you like it. Please spread in FLAC as far as you can.

        Do not convert to lossy formats. Mehr möchte ich nicht. Nur bitte die Aufnahme nicht

        durch billige Scheiße zerstören. Danke. Bitte… und dann… Guten Abend…


          Thx a lot Spacebandit! Enjoyed a lot of your other recordings!

          Correct setlist:

          7th Dream

          Hell Part 1-3


          Sterling Says


          True Middle

          's Numbness

          Whip That Ghost



          The Nerve Tattoo

          Instrumental (setlist scan on Facebook says its called Kvestor)

          All Is Loneliness



            Not my favourite show I've seen, but a nice one, indeed.

            Hope you like the tape. Done with heart and soul.


              Vielen Dank Spacebandit, bin gespannt :) Nächstes Mal klappt es dann auch mal mit dem Treffen … :?


                Oh yeah, such a great live-version of 7th Dream! Beats the '94 version to a pulp!


                the name Kvestor sounds like some he-man figure name. :D

                anyway that song was awesome!

                danke schonmal Spacebandit!


                  to me kvestor sounded more like a jam…


                    What a special night! The day's temperatures had peaked between 38-40°C (in the car) and the heat had faded to a very warm and beautiful summer night when Motorpsycho took the stage at 22:10. The festival provided a very intimate setting to see the band (my first open air show in ca. attended 60 concerts). I did not recognise "7th" dream so the set began quite magical to me with a seemingly unknown song and the surprises just kept coming as I didn't recognise "Sterling Says" either and I had not heard the "Instrumental" before. Also this was my first "True Middle" in 16 years. The band was in a great mood, the playing was very tight and Reine's contributions were spot on, much more so than during the 2 shows I saw of the spring tour. To me the set seemed very loose, wild, spontaneous and EXTREMELY jammy. There were long instrumental sections perfectly balanced with song-like structures. Even "Numbness" and "The Nerve Tattoo" made sense within this set, the latter a great version thanks to the second guitar. With some good humoured stage banter added this made for one of the most enjoyable shows of the recent years. Bent wore ugly ass cargo trousers and a t-shirt. He explained that their luggage (including instruments and clothes) was lost at the airport to which Snah added "No underwear!". The segues between songs and the jamming were sublime all through the set. A spectacular version of "All Is Loneliness" found the audience singing the outro part over and over again, the band singing along too, quieter and quieter, while the crowd sang louder and louder and Bent directing the choir a bit towards the end. A magic moment, acknowldged by Bent and Snah by putting their hands on their hearts. Goosebumps! My favourite 2013 concert and one of the best I have seen in the last years. Worth every traveled kilometer as Wulf said. It was nice to meet some fellow psychonauts. I hope everyone made it home safely. See you next time! Peace!


                    Hey fellas,

                    I'm part of the organization team of Krach am Bach. Now, after 3 days I'm back in the reality. I like to read all your posts about the show.

                    Motorpsycho arrived on Friday without any cymbals, effects and guitars. Bent told me before the show, "it's more like a challenge than a problem!"

                    However, it was an ass kicking mp show.

                    If anyone record the mp show, please let me know it.


                      EXTREMELY jammy



                        I was wondering about the title Kvestor. The word reminds me of quaestor, which was a Roman title for someone in charge of money and accounting.

                        Now, after some googling, I came across this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Questor_Tapes

                        Hardly any definite lead, but given Bent's preoccupation with sci-fi, it doesn't seem entirely unlikely that the title might have been inspired by this obscure TV movie.


                        A Video from whip that ghost is online.

                        Sound Qualität is not the best, but ok. http://youtu.be/-gqcyTuNQHg


                        You guys are damn fast! Just wanted to post the same youtube-link to "whip that ghost"!

                        I was at the Krach am Bach and my brother did this recording with his smartphone :-).

                        The Show was great! Nevertheless soundwise not as good as the last three shows i saw in Hamburg(Grünspan), Bremen(Schlachthof) and Osnabrück(Rosenhof).

                        Regarding the setlist: I´m pretty sure they played true middle instead of manmower.


                        they played both songs :D

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