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    I listen to this music for such a long time. Now it’s my first posting here in this place.

    I want to say how fantastic and splendid this travel to the other side of the universe was for me. I don’t know how to find some right words for a great experience like this. Still I’m sure about my feelings and emotions. Cause they are quite basic and concise – so its easy for me to grab it. But also they are very, very powerful. So it gives strongness and good mood to me in my live for a long time more.

    Thank you so much for this completely unique and unforgettable evening!!


      I'm trying to download this recording, but my download app says that I have to raise my share ratio…

      What can I do? :(


        @Blasyrkh: On dime you need to have a certain download/upload ratio to be part of the show. To improve this ration you just have to let your torrent client with your downloads stay active, so others may download them from you.


          @ThorEgil, I've changed my upload ratio. But it doesn't upload anything because I doesn't download.

          So I can never increase my ratio again :-(


            @Blasyrkh: If you have downloaded any torrents earlier, you have to keep them active and wait for someone downloading from you. That's how your ratio is increased.



              I'm also having issues with download from dime.

              Couldn't someone put it also on motortrades? Please!



              My Name is Arend and I am the Taper of this Show.This is my first Post on this Forum at least under my real Name ;-)

              Thx. for all your nice Comments. For all those who have Problems with dowmloading from Dime, here's a Direct Download Link, valid for the next 5 Days or so, so be fast ;-)



                thanks a superbunch!!!


                  @Arend, thank you very much! :STG:


                  Thanks to all the tapers. Highly appreciated. I highly recoommend this version of the show , sounds way much better than Arend's version. No offense, Arend. But you really should try the "BIDDIE QUALITY RECORDING ". Record info from the uploader Spacebandit:" If it wasn't only about the setlist, this has also the most clear vocals from every recording I listend to

                  so far. Exceptional clean sound, almost no chatters audible, just damn fine tape. All thanks straight to the mastertaper for capturing this exciting moment in music history."


                    @ Arturo: please, no (Arne) Hassles about taping. Be happy with what you get.

                    Especially @ a Motorpsycho Konzert it's a real physical challenge doin' it for three hours straight.

                    And sometimes get "hassled" by a drunken asshole from the back.

                    Every source is welcome to me and at least us german (and one norwegian) taper know each other.

                    There's no kind of "competition" most likely a big hug or grateful greeting when we meet.

                    For me it's the music, the "sphere" and MEETING FRIENDS.

                    So I wonder what the italian tapers have to offer…


                      Nice and true words. But your Biddie recording does sound fantastic. Thanks!!!

                      Just found that headtwisting moment in HBM2, as I experienced at the Fri-Son show. It's at 22:45 in this Wiesbaden version. Just one little (lucid, for the sake of a cheap pun) moment. But far out, maaaan.



                      I am happy with and thankful for what i get. I wrote "Thanks to all the tapers. Highly appreciated" … can't see any hassle. I compared the sound quality of three recordings. And the one you've uploaded is far better than the other two. I don't see the problem.


                      Danke schön, Arend! Thanks to you I ended up at a Motorpsycho concert tonight. I even swept by the Motorpsycho Shop and preordered HBM2, nice and comfy. No need to drag the vinyl around during the show.

                      And what a show this is! One long space trip. I am there. In orbit with Motorpsycho again. Thanks!


                        @ Arturo

                        sure no hassle, never. I've struggled with posting the "Biddie" version of this show as it

                        had a significant smaller size compared to other postings. I was told that he "mixed" it

                        before sending to me. Maybe that was the reason. Anyway, great work, "Biddie", it's really

                        crystal clean, but mostly it's more BENTBASSBOOM in it. And I really like it upfront when

                        my head is almost exploding and the deepfeeling sets in.

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994