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      makes sense… but playing bbd & hbm2 as encores took at least equally long, right?

      Great King Rat

        The gig sth like 2:50 h, and yes, the setlist was fantastic! Pretty much what I had hoped for. We got a massive and very fast Flickofthewrist, which was nearly 15 minutes, I think. Great to hear Wearingyrsmell, too, first time for me! It was that mellow version with Bent on guitar and both Snah and Kenneth on piano which they've played before on this tour. I liked Blueberrydaydream a lot, it came along rocky and was quite long (about 10 min?), much like Spinspinspin. Junior is a hit and Feedtime a monster, I wouldn't mind at all if they kept those two in their permanent repertoire.

        The encores were special, Un chien was about 25 min and the fastest (in the middle) I've ever witnessed! After they'd finished I didn't think they'd play HBM2 but they did! Took another 25 min, during which the audiance was very attentive and quiet. That was nice for a change after some quite annoying audiances in the last years.

        Only downer: the sound, at least where I was sitting, up on the "gallery". In some songs I had trouble hearing Snah at all.

        Other than that, it was a brilliant show with the band in a great mood, and a worthy last show in Germany. Keep those "vintage" (Bent) songs in the setlists, guys, they're what make your shows so special to me. Thanks a lot! CU next tour!



          Well, I've got almost nothing to add to GreatKingRat's report, except for that it was really

          fucking hot in the front row. The FLICK was massive into a spaced out ALCHEMYST…Psychrock

          at its very best. Spin3 was without the usual "Sleep again" outro. Anyway, if there was one

          downer for me it was the overplayed Jr->Feedtime sequence. I was hoping they'd go from Jr.

          into Nothing to say, which would've been the icing on this tasty cake of show. Or probably a

          great Year Zero for a spaced ending? But the encore swirled audience and band into a

          maelstrom of space! Tusen takk, ViKINGS of music. All worth every second.

          And listening to the tape (ups!) is real fun.

          Great King Rat

            Btw, in the middle of FLICK, Bent played the piano, did anyone recognize what he played? It seemed familiar but I can't point my finger at it.


              Hmmm…what did they do to I.M.S.? More than 11 minutes! Woah! Pure jamming fun!



              Schade, hätte mich sehr gefreut, Euch mal wieder zu sehen! Hoffentlich auf der nächsten Tour!

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            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994