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    how is the quality from the recording anyway?


    It's superb! Amazing! Instant classic!

    …says the taper. A second opinion will probably be necessary. ;)


    I´m listening to it now, again. It´s a fantastic recording. Through the Veil is rocking my room :)

    I was at the concert too, but the sound level was so loud, that I could not enjoy parts of it. In other words, better sound job than the technician at sentrum scene :)

    Especially the bass is clear, at a reasonable level, often on the mpliverecordings I´ve heard before, either the bass is drowning everything else, or it´s not there. Looking at my speakers I can see the bass and it´s healthy and alive :)

    Also agree that Gullible´s travails from 16.03 is a very good version, especially the dream build up after the quiet part- more motorpsychodelic than the record version.


    listening to snippets now. thanks a lot.

    i wont spoil it for me and wont listen to the whole thing before seeing it live myself. but the singing seems to be SUPERB! :mrgreen: especially on Proteus – a Prayer and the downtuned (is it really?) Mutiny rocks just like on the record.


    Is this recording available somewhere else? (non-torrent)

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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