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    If you think nothing is happening I would recommend using your ears instead of your asshole.

      Just like MP can, if they want!

      Oh they obviously want and do it very much so as opposed to a truly boring footie game, it's just not to yr liking. :)

      Hm, the pfnuesel, too. What's with the bad vibes? 1998 and STG and VS are dead and gone. What remained the same is the band's lust for sonic adventures, which birthed those classic tracks in the first place. Can't have one without the other. MP are at a creative peak right now, that's why they don't repeat Demon's Monster.

      There will be another and surely yet different again album that will surprise all of us soon.


        great pics btw. only 3 days left until i'll finally witness it, too. :drool with excitement:


          Just joking, no need to take me seriously.


            don't do that! grrrrr.gif


              Guys, stop using the word "superb" ffs, even if it was!


                the SCHLACHTHOF in bremen is definitely one of the best venues in northern germany, if not even the best.

                as said several times before you have good view on stage from nearly every point and sound ist excellent (which was/ is probably hard to set up in such a multiple asymmetric room).

                and as confirmed by the booking-agent jörg it provides a very good feeling for the artists too. so that's maybe one good reason why mp-shows in bremen are always very special ones.

                here you can find facts and pictures of the 'kesselhalle'.

                and not to forget: the atmosphere is very comfortable there because of the very very nice staff.

                hoping for many more mp-shows there. it's worth every second and cent to travel there.

                i really appreciate it.


                Sounds all great! Looking forward to eventually Esch zur Alzette or surely Oslo in November.

                I don't mind either if there's a classical song structure or none at all as long as it's good and makes fun and you want to listen to it again.

                Never been to Schlachthof but that must be a good place to play and watch concerts. Asymmetry actually is good for sound… ;)

                If a MP-gig is better than a soccer game? Depends on what you are fan of! ;)


                Still, I think that going to a MP concert knowing the whole setlist is 55% fun gone. I envoy the Spanish people who will see a REAL MP concert: surprises, impros, blood, sweat.

                I lost the last italian tour because I was in tour myself in England and France, so I count 3 years without MP live, since the CotF tour. I'd badly prefer a regular concert than this theatrical thing. This album is NOT Tommy! It's a good album and I'd be happy to hear some songs. The entire whole album is a bad idea for my taste. Am I less fanatic than other people around? Uh… I'm the one who made the poll, and who has a file with ALL the setlists since 1990 so, NO, I'm not. Just, I'm not excited by the idea of MP without surprises…


                it was a wonderful show!! (like always in bremen :) ) much better than köln.

                mutiny was fantastic!!


                let me know… do they play the Sax solo in La Lethe ???

                shit if only they were with a small orchestra …


                  They do not have a Sax with them. But you can be looking forward to la Lethe all the same ;-)


                    Review. (mentions Akane)


                    Alex, thx for the link! Hahaha! I'm not young, sorry!


                      This was the first and best show of my Motorpsycho tour that also included Leipzig and Berlin. A lot has been said about the Schlachthof and I would like to add that this venue really allows the audience to focus on the music; you won't get better sounds and sights at aanother 1.000 capacity venue. In turn this also influences the performances of course.

                      The wide and deep stage made it possible for the "Unicorn" backdrop to be seen in all its entirety which made quite a difference to other shows when only excerpts of it could be seen. Tonight the backdrop really was a part of the story. We could also see in detail the whole stage set-up. When we entered the club there was no background music, so everyone lowered their voices creating a very devotional atmosphere in the venue. Later on, shortly before the concert there was some very quiet free jazz.

                      Five minutes past eight the lights went out and the intro "Out Of The Woods" sends shivers down our spine. On this spring day in Bremen "The Unicorn" was performed to perfection! I was thoroughly floored by this piece of music and it all made sense. The "Unicorn" captures the essence of Motorpsycho. This suite employs all elements and all tricks Motorpsycho have mastered through the years. Hard rocking songs, beautiful ballads, space-outs and delicate psychedelic moments all woven together into the ultimate motorpsychodelic trip. The point of performing the "Unicorn" night after night is to nail this demanding piece of music.

                      The quiet moments of the "Unicorn" (like the Kraut-funk intro to "Through The Veils") really stood out today. The band played with great care, a lot of attention for every detail, patience and also passion. It was dynamic and deep. There is so much to digest and discover in this rock-opera. I loved every second of it and I cannot comprehend how someone who loves Motorpsycho can be bored or put off by it.

                      Another thing that really stood out were the vocals. They sang like angels sent from heaven, sweet harmonies, everyone of them nailed to perfection. The sound was also superb.

                      In fact I could have gone home after the "Unicorn" (and this show in general), because it leaves you satisfied, intrigued and fascinated. Seeing the "Unicorn" two more times on the other hand made sense too. There was not one moment during all three performances of the "Unicorn" when I found myself bored. I cherish every version I heard and I wouldn't mind seeing it more times.

                      And then of course the encores. They come out and jam their way into a very good version of "Arne H" (ca. 14 min) which vaguely employed the structure of the "RWIV" version. The first second encore of this tour brought us a good version of the "Hog" (12 min) that also featured the familiar "Halleluwah"-jam.

                      This was one of the best shows I have seen the band play in the last few years.

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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994