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      Thanks to all involved for a nice evening of musical entertainment. :D

      In a perfect world, all gigs would be streamed like this. But then I guess my productivity would plummet. :P

      And yes, thanks a lot to otherdeamon for the heads-up about the Youtube-event. Without whom…


      I had the pleasure to be there in person. Really nice evening. Venue is perfect for a MP concert. Best sound I can remember. Bass almost frightened my inner organs. Fun to read your live comments after show :-)

      Punj Lizard

        Just finished streaming it. Fantastic. Loved that extension on the dream home.

        The Other Anders

          Seems we are lucky! The stream is still there, MP starting at 1h 08m: YouTube


            Yeah, can someone grab and store it? I connected my audio recorder last night but missed a bit of the dog. Might try again later today …


            Here is the aac-audiostream from the webcast: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m3erINL2Hxx1sUv_PAHilp3ybtB5huPw


              It's saturday 9.00 am, household cores need to be done, the doorbell rings, the windshield of the car needs fixing, but I'm hypnotised and can not leave this great MP stream. One big epiphany again, and now there is not only ONE rockband in the world and that is MP, but there may be only one jazzrockband in the world as well which is…you know!

              Very much enjoyed the contributions of Lars, so nice to have a real flute playing in Dreamhome, and very good keyboarding in Taifun. The ocean of sound part near the end of Taifun gave me that strange experience to be out in a timeless zone, all clocks melting into eternity, weird you can get that feeling, as music happens within time. Wow! And…have I said this before?-how come these guys get even better every time?!!!

              Preparing to rock my socks off in Nijmegen next week!!! Greetings to all psychonauts, who are the lucky earthlings to witness this rising of MP into beyondValhallaness ! :cheers:


                Bernie has downloaded and is re-cutting, audio boosting it as we speak…it should be up on the archives page in a few hours x Bernie

                Phoots Flower

                  Bernie For president!!!!! :MPD:

                  Punj Lizard

                    That's great, Bernie. Thanks so much!!


                      Well, I'm not going to say too much about this. You've all seen the stream.

                      I just want to add that the sound IRL yesterday was fantastic. They must have a really good sound system/equipment @ Victoria, because I've never experienced bad sound there. It was all pretty well-balanced. It was still loud obviously, but a pleasant kind of loud :lol:

                      Btw, I was standing in the bar, close to Lars. And I was still able to hear Bent clearly. So not sure why that didn't come across on the stream. But that don't matter because Snah was audible, and he basically tore the fucking place down! Some of the stuff he did yesterday; I don't think I've ever heard him better! He took charge, that's for sure!

                      Bartok was used as a toilet-break, other than that there were no boring moments yesterday. One of the best MP concerts I've ever seen (up there with Rockefeller spring '02, 1h 20 min Chien/Demon Box Henie Onstad '08, Timothy's Øya '10 and Tønsberg '13)


                        arrrgghhh…reached my upload maximum for the week..sorry…monday it will have to be x bernie


                          Thank you Bernie, you've become invaluable for this site already, videonautic-psycho-emperor of the decade, three cheers for you and your dedication & work! :-) :o :D

                          EDIT: By the way, anyone else notice a change in the vocal sound live during the last year or so? The vocals sound like they're processed in a different way, affecting the timbre of the vocals somewhat. I'm not gonna say autotune (:P), but to my ears there's a difference, at least.

                          Yeah, first time I notice this was the pre-release gig of Tower at Lobby at Verkstedhallen, it works great imho.


                          Thanks @ffbernie !

                          Entire show on Vimeo.


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