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    Phoots Flower

      My copy now is stoped at customs. I have to pay customs duty :|


        Anyone else here from Norway who ordered the box to be sent by mail? Have anyone received it? It's been over a week since release and I haven't gotten mine :/ starting to get a little worried, and there's absolutely no information about shipping on funde.no or the mails I got from them.

        I've sent a mail to them inquiring about the situation, but I thought I could ask here as well to see if I'm the only one or if this is the case for everyone.


          Received a tracking number before shipping, and got the box June 1st.


            I got mine on monday. No tracking in advance, but got an SMS from Posten when it was ready to pick up at "mail in store".


              Received mine today. Ordered from Platekompaniet. One corner dinged during transport. Disappointment. Went and got a replacement (in store).

              Coincidentally (or not?) I bought a new turntable today and sold the old one off. New turntable is defect, doesnt spin, spin, spin. Disappointment.


              A Boxfull of disappointment.

              I ordered the CD Box (84,-€), Shipping (42,-€!) and now custom costs on top (28,50€). About 155,-€ for three cd's and some books in Norwegian – that's really hard.

              Send on 31.5 in Norway, arrived in Hamburg on 6.6. and today the letter from Bremen Custom.

              Never again!


                Is this a stupid question or am I the only one that's received 3 "unbound" books inside the cd/lp box? It's basically just 3 stacks of loose sheets of paper, not bound as books. Is that on purpose? Although I can't read Norwegian, even if I could, this wouldn't be really easy to read on the go. Sheets of paper flying everywhere and all. Besides that: beautiful (although slightly damaged) package!


                  Stacks of loose sheets it is. I guess that's the readon why nobody has commented on the book yet. No, I haven't bothered about it either.


                  Got my box last week. It has been as well damaged by transport and/or due to bad packaging. Nevermind; I complained to lager@diskosdistribusjon.no and got assured a new (empty) box. However I seemed to be the only one complaining about it so far and I think its a good idea to give some feedback about packaging, customs etc. The books are a disapointment and practically unreadable.

                  Good lesson though since I got reminded of my own collector greed. Also getting a bit tired of all the pre order special editions that many times get delayed due to overbooked pressing plants. Missing the times when I would happily come home from the local record shop with a bag full of vinyl not knowing shit about 1st press, special editions, RSD and collectors reissues. Guess Vol. 5 makes me forget all about what I’ve just written.


                    Love the box, the 2 cds, blu-ray and the triple lps exceeded my expectations. The book was just an add-on for me anyway and it will stay sealed for the time being.


                      Should I be worried, not having received anything so far?

                      mister conclusion

                        My package is currently lying in some customs office far from my home because the guys from funde.no/ccrecords were not able to change my address after I moved to another town. Sigh! Don't know if this will ever get solved. Frustrating, that is.

                        The Other Anders

                          Edit: Irrelevant comment deleted

                          The Other Anders

                            Anyone here who does not need the 2CDs/Blueray, and who would want to sell it for a modest price similar to the price such a release would have, had it been released separately? I ask because of a special situation. Any help will be greatly appreciated, also just the CDs including cover.

                            Edit: Not relevant anymore


                            I suffered the same "high expenses" effect as Westbeam73, but after picking up the box at customs (where it lay for more than two weeks before I got noticed) and for the first time having the CD Box in my hands, from the very first moment I was sure: it was worth the money, because it is such a wonderfully created gem, that I was somehow even content with just staring at it ;)

                            I really appreciate and love the whole artwork (besides the stunning audio and video recording of the concert) and the box is an absolut eye catcher in my "music room"!

                            Nevertheless I would really love the book to be translated to English, to finally "understand" the whole box as it was intended …

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