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    Krist Rampage

      Yeah i really like it. Thanks again Mefisto! Very big box! I paid a little over 20 euros for postage to the Netherlands which isn't too bad for a heavy box like this. Very pretty looking box it is.

      I watched most of the blu ray. I love it. Excellent played , good and heavy sound. I like seeing Helge Sten in action and the twin drummming on a lot of songs like Gutwrench. Lovely litte docu too.


      @ Mefisto : you've got mail! ;-)


      Woooow thank you Mefisto for getting this done! Listening to the vinyl box right now…. Wish I was at these shows ;-)


      At Falck Forlag in Norway this gem is still available and I ordered the vinyl box and payed with Paypal a few days ago (around 140€, and I guess customs fees will have to be added once it arrives in Germany … sigh …). Unfortunately I did not get any response from Falck Forlag until today. I hope everyone is healthy at FF …

      Does anybody know more?

      At the time it was published, I was not interested in vinyl so I ordered the CD Box – well, things have changed and now it HAS TO BE vinyl – changing one´s interest can be very expensive for a hobby, I must say! ;)

      Stay safe and healthy, Psychonauts around the world!

    Viewing 4 posts - 181 through 184 (of 184 total)
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