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      It looks like Tronsmo (book store) are willing to ship abroad


        Mountain fuck yeah! Snah on fire!


          Ehm… but they forgot one song!? 8O


            Step inside again


              It's Inside Demon Box (like they did in the 90's)


                Has anyone who's received the Boxful and also have audience tapes of the full concerts been able to identify which versions are on it?

                Damn, I love the sound and the performances so much I wish they'd just released everything.

                And yes, I agree that some tracks are a little "conservative". I would have loved for instance, to have a Nothing/Mountain jam. Oh who am I kidding. I love love love it.

                And yeah, the title track, holy hell. I remember standing, or almost hanging onto the front of the stage with eyes closed, such incredibly intense, emotional moments, thinking: "we shall be cleansed through noise" like some lunatic cultist.


                  It also looks like The Garden deliver abroad through their Discogs store.


                  It all in norwegian language. I do not spreak or read norwegian.. So is there some english site which sells the A Boxful of Demons boxset..


                    It says recorded on 18th and 18th on the closing credits on the dvd


                    Sorry, there is no seller on the Discogs-Site.

                    I'm also looking for an international selling site in English, maybe German.

                    What's up with Stickman? Did they get their hands on the Box?


                    Stickman makes no mention of the release sadly…shipping from Norway is a pain…think I´ll have to skip this one, the RW 1-5 took up my budget :D


                      Watched the whole bang and there's no Step Inside Again in Demon Box or I have to seriously doubt my sanity…

                      Helge is brilliant. The heavy tracks are also much better and heavier than on the original recordings. Gutwrench, woah! Feedtime I've always loved anyway. And Sheer Profoundity, these do move some thick air.


                        You're absolutely right, @supernaut. There is no "Step Inside Again"-part in this "Demon Box". Was it edited out (I don't have the boots to compare)? They did it at Slottsfjell, and I see it listed at setlist.fm too. Hm.

                        They also rearranged "All Is Loneliness" for the Rockheim-shows (as @otherdemon pointed out) – for the better imho. The Slottsfjell-version was closer to the album-version, but just didn't work as well that night.


                        First of all: DogLicksMan is always right. Even all the times that he is absolutely wrong. If you are dumb enough to read my harsh but carefully savagings of the entitled and scummy as 'trolling', it says something about the density of yer process of thought, me old mucker.

                        But then again: since I actually had some money at the time/a credit card/dipped into my kid's college fund (again), I am now actually the proud owner of a very beautiful and pretty inexpensive box set that includes some papers I will never read by some author I don't care about and some really WONDERFUL live recordings of the band we are actually supposed to love. And IF ya actually love this astonishing band that we are so incredibly fortunate to have in our lives, why didin't you shell out a few sheckles to keep 'em running?

                        Pretty stoopid move if you live in Norway and disn't seize this opportunity with both hands. Why? Well, this is pretty much the best live recording I've ever heard of the Migthy MP. The quality of the music and playing is stupifying and the sound itself is… Well, it just IS. Lovely, that is. And I do truly feel sorry for you guys out there in them foreign lands that couldn't order it. The artifact as such looks great on the shelf but more than that the music is truly essential.

                        Now leave me alone, world :MPD:


                        From day to day I´m getting more worried as I still have not received my copy from funde.no here in Germany.

                        Is there anyone here from Germany who "suffers" with me, or does everyone of you German fellows have had your Demon Box in your post box already???

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                      …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994