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    it's never wrong to release new versions of hogwash :-)


      Stickman have December 2nd for release

      [url=http://]https://www.stickman-records.com/angels-daemons-at-play-on-6-cds/ [/url]


        December 2nd also from Rune. And a decent price tag too!

        The Rockefeller show has a sligthly different track listing from the NRK radio broadcast version I got from dime.

        Disc One:

        1. STG 11:32

        2. Kill Some Day 5:54

        3. Like Always 3:36

        4. Heartattack Mac 9:27

        5. Pills, Powder And Passionplay 4:02

        6. The Nerve Tattoo 4:32

        7. Young Man Blues 5:45

        8. Starmelt 3:23

        9. K9 Suite 17:10

        Disc Two:

        1. Sideway Spiral II 3:27

        2. You Lied 4:40

        3. The One Who Went Away 3:23

        4. Nothing to Say 11:24

        5. Into the Sun* 5:47

        6. The Golden Core 14:53


          And here's an interview with adressa.no

          …and yeah – still looking for the perfect drummer, the last one.

          (and the Møster concert featuring KK and Snah is tomorrow).


            – The version of Chien on disc 4 does appear to be the Cinemateket version! Or maybe not – it's slightly unclear from what Bent says. He says it's the first time they played it…but whether that means an early rehearsal version or the actual Cinemateket version remains to be seen.

            – The Rockefeller gig includes Deathprod's opening, which has never been broadcast.


              For the first time in this box series, I'm slightly disappointed. Because most of the material

              on here is pretty well known if you're an above average interested psychonaut.

              Still, having the Rockefeller '97 gig newly mixed and remastered will be fantastic. And the unreleased tracks on disc 4 + the liner notes will most likely be nerd heaven for me :lol:

              About Chien on disc 4: If it's live, then Utrecht 18-08-2016 was the first time they played it. The multi-cam video of that show is on Youtube.

              But it could also be something else (scroll down to read an old g35-post made by Vegard)

              [g35] Willy B lecture

              * To: g35 List

              * Subject: [g35] Willy B lecture

              * From: "Vegard B. Havdal"

              * Date: Sun, 5 Sep 1999 19:59:17 +0200 (CEST)


              I was at a 'lecture' (kåseri) thing with Willy B the rock critic and Motorpsycho collector (and I allow myself to say eccentric) in Bergen on saturday. He chatted about rock groups, why they do the things they do, and various stories. He also played obscure music, and the first thing he played was a cut with Bent, Snah and Øyvind Brandtsægg (jazz band Krøyt, vibraphone on Golden Core) from 1987 in a basement in Steinkjer. It was about a 4 minutes cut from a 25 minute jam, and what we got to hear was a passage containig that heavy, descending riff from Un Chien, right before the quiet part. So that bit is old.

              I was lucky enough to talk to him afterwards, and he said he thought he couldn't talk too much about Motorpsycho, even though he wanted to. I don't think he's much of a net user, unfortunately, he really ought to be around here.



                The biggest "problem" is that as I said on top is that there aren't that much bonus material around that era. Most of the recorded output was put on the AADAP collected output with the few exceptions that is also included.


                  I´ll correct myself, I´ve heard it before, I even taped it of the radio, but that tape is probably long gone… I remember having that one and Roskilde 93(?). Bless you Harald Are Lund. Not really into downloading every show they every played, so jey: official live recordings!

                  Anyways, we also get Deathprods "Komet" which I can´t remember was on the radio tape. I googled it and according to this blog is was. "More accomplished than his early recordings, and more visceral than his later ones, «Komet» truly is a lost masterpiece."

                  Can´t wait!


                    Regarding Vegards post. Willy B a total hero. Had the pleasure to to talk with him several times… Also saw The Willy B Review several times. And one of the few times I have gone up to get an autographed record :STG:




                      @Elvin: As listed above, Komet is not on the recording downloaded from dime. It might of course be that the taper came in to late to catch the first track, and forgot to mention that in his description.

                      Anyways – we now get everything in an official release :MPD:


                        I attended the show at Rockefeller in March 1997, and remember it as an excellent evening. I wrote a report for the un-off afterwards, and back then I felt that half an hour with Deathprod was more than enough. If I remember correctly, he was joined by Ole Henrik Moe and one or two others.

                        The only song from the show not included on the upcoming AADAP-box is Hogwash.


                          Spin CDs in the UK have just advertised the 6CD box set at £19.99 on their mailer and website.


                          The whole two and a half hour show is included, also the 11 minute Hogwash.

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