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      @jb1981: Seems like there was a daemon in the shirt printer. Update from the mothership – http://motorpsycho.no/2016/12/printing-gone-wrong/


      Oh well.. Guess I'll just have to wait :)


        A package from Norway arrived in Germany – now stuck at the local custom office :-(


            A bit of nostalgia: Here's the "thank you" speech when MP won Spellemannsprisen

            for AADAP



            Am I the only one hearing Heartbreaker in Star Dancer vs Car Cancer?


            Hehehe! Now that you mention it, I hear it too!


              If you happen to be in Oslo on Thursday August 17th:

              AADAP listening/discussion with Bent + Johan Harstad


                Nice little session listening to AADAP and hearing Bent and Helge Sten talk about it. The pre-album conversation between the host/chair, Johan Harstad, Bent and Deathprod wasn't too illuminating, but hearing the album in one uninterrupted session was nice. I could hear details previously buried, such as the low bass rumbling between Un Chien and Have Spacesuit…, and Stalemate sounded much more moving on such a high end system that we were listening to tonight. There was a brief Q&A session at the end which was interesting too. Not too much new to reveal, but glad I went. The biggest kick was seeing Bent's own reactions to his own work…part cringeing, part laughing at his own "funny Valentine" croaking in Un Chien, and definitely laughing out loud at the opening of Have Spacesuit, Will Travel.

                BTW; we were listening to the 3 CD EP version, so no Back to Source.


                  Attended it too.

                  The most interesting part was when Bent said that Have Spacesuit, Will Travel originally was supposed to be a more massive, longer song. Unfortunately, they couldn't pull it off, so they just jammed the main riff/theme until it became the studio version.

                  It's a shame I thought of a good question AFTER the arrangement was over. I wanted to ask why they didn't include Flick Of The Wrist on AADAP when it was recorded at the same session. But unfortunately I thought of the question too late…

                  But it was an enjoyable evening :D


                  Flick Of The Wrist was not included due too many similar songs on AADAP I think, of course that was a huge mistake.


                    The event was streamed – here is the recording. https://www.facebook.com/deichmanske/videos/1590390177693521/


                      Interesting, Johan Harstad seems to be overthinking it at some point and Helge doesn't add much.


                        I thought "Flick…" was left out because they weren't 100% pleased with how that recorded version turned out. Lacking some delicate feel they wanted to come through, or something. Good enough for being an EP bonus track, but not for the album, they figured. I'm (almost) sure I read or heard that 20 years ago :|


                          @grindove: If that's correct, then that's a pretty weird argument. IMO, the whole AADAP album lacks a delicate feel; it's overall pretty loose and raw.

                          Not a big deal though, since it became the centrepiece of the Starmelt EP.

                        Viewing 15 posts - 91 through 105 (of 106 total)
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