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    I hear rumours of an upcoming deluxe edition of Angels And Daemons At Play. It's probably planned for release in 2017, 20 years after the original.

    Since the CD, 3xCDEP and 2xLP versions of AADAP are all different, it would be great to have everything from these sessions in one place.

    I guess there will be the usual bonus material recorded during the sessions and/or released on compilations in the same period. Anything else?


      Motorpsycho performs Angels and deamons at Play at some festival(s)?

      boomer former helm

        That would be just great!


          I believe that there isn't to much bonus material outside the the eps so I'm curious what they chose to add..


          – Mot riving ep w/ TSK

          – We Sail out far

          – Ellediller…

          – Soniche Avventure III

          – Gamle Moder Jord –

          Anything else??

          Kid A

            Maybe some live stuff? I had the pleasure to hear a version of WOTW jamming into Black Sabbath´s Paranoid waaayyy back on the Trust Us Tour. And it´s allowed to dream of an anniversary tour, performing the whole album together with Geb. (It won´t happen ;) )


            I wonder if they will include the three EPs as they were originally released and then put the remaining album tracks on a bonus disc along with other stuff, or if they will try to make a 2CD album by combining tracks from all versions of the album.


              Or original (vinyl ed??) album pluss eps


                -"Motorpsycho performs Angels and deamons at Play at some festival(s)?"

                -"And it´s allowed to dream of an anniversary tour, performing the whole album"

                Am I the only one in the world that's totally against the "whole album in its entirety" live trend that never seem to come to an end? Really, when seeing bands play live I wanna be surprised when every song ends and the next one starts, and I think that this is one of many things that make Motorpsycho awesome – not being predictable during shows/tours.

                The show I attended on the "Unicorn" tour was probably the least good Mp gig I've seen (good for being rock music, but not exciting compared to Mp's otherwise super high standard), and when fans here started to wish for a whole tour of complete "Demon box" album performances (after a few successful and appreciated shows of that), I just thought "let's NOT travel anywhere to attend one of those, if it happens" :?


                  Too right Ove but I have to say the Demon Box shows (at least the one I saw) was excellent. :wink:

                  Too right Ove but I have to say the Demon Box shows (at least the one I saw) was excellent. :wink:

                  I concur. The Demon Box show we saw in Trondheim was excellent. And they changed the order of the songs a little bit for the show.

                  The Unicorn is a special case in point, as that album was meant to be performed as a whole piece live.

                  But in general I prefer to be surprised by MP. I love the feeling of rarely knowing what comes next!


                    I will guess that after having done 38 theatrical shows with the same setlist day after day (an absolutely recommendable play btw), they will be utterly vaccinated against doing something like that again for a while :lol:


                      I agree that one show with an entire album is enough.

                      Yes, the Demon Box show was just great!

                      I still regret seeing 6-7 Unicorn shows on that tour, even skipping one in Italy….enough is enough…. :wink:


                      Since every fan has a choice if they wish to attend a show, let's leave it up to the band to consider if they want to play full album shows.

                      Let's appreciate that they give us so many opportunities to see them live, and in so many locations in Europe and beyond.


                        I trust you concerning those Demon Box shows. I bet even I had worshipped, of course :mrgreen: And altered track order brings a little, and just enough, unpredictability to it – good!

                        About Unicorn: actually I've never seen any need for the whole thing to be performed as one piece. I enjoy the album at home and in my headphones – believe me – but I had appreciated if they skipped about half of it live. I thought it felt a bit forced. And most parts work fine as individual songs on their own, I'd say.

                        Yes, kippenhok, of course it's up to the band members to choose whatever they want to play – I'm not saying anything else. I needed to air my feelings, which everyone is free to do :wink: I've felt so alone not supporting the "Whole Album" trend :|

                        Less opinions = boring! More opinions = fun! (That's just MY opinion.)


                        Not that big a fan of the whole album thing either. I quite liked what they did with Blissard on the SLWE-tour a few years ago, with only 2 (right?) album shows. The rest of the shows of the tour were also filled with Blissard songs, but nicely interwoven within the usual setlists. Even got to see Mad Sun on a frikkin festival-set. Think I appreciated those songs even more as surprises than when they're announced to be played, even if I didn't got to see that 'much' Blissard songs (still alot tho!).

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