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      Seems correct to me, tho I think Ozzylot was before Diana, and Kill Devil Hills went into The Alchemyst.

      Fantastic concert, but there’s always some assholes in the crowd. One was a drunk who stood behind me and my friends during the three or four songs. I thought he was gonna throw up any minute, and he kept stumbling around.

      The other fool(heyhey!!) was that guy with the big hair who stood at the stairs twice, blocking the view for everyone behind him. I heard many complaints about him from other attendants, so I gently told him that he blocked the view for everyone. He was just being a dick and pretty ignorant back at me. If you’re on here: Fuck you for being the worst attendant ever at such a great gig.


      The Bergen gig > Oslo gig in many ways.. I liked the setlist better. Oh so epic to end the show with THe Golden Core!! and really LOUD. The sound and lights was better only downer was that in the Verftet hall there were really many speaking and that took alot of attiention specially during the calmer parts.. Sinful Windborne and You Lied was so great ! :)


      don’t look around – mountain


        Unbelievable. Why isn’t this whole tour recorded/filmed?


          The setlist as it is written one Snah’s setlist;);)

          year zero

          for free


          Sinful W-B

          Like Always

          Riding The Tiger


          Upstairs Downstairs




          Whole Lotta Diana


          You Lied

          Don’t Look Around



          Kill Devil Hills

          The Alchemyst

          The Golden Core


            Argh! It is starting to look like I will not just have to go to Haarlem but Deventer as well… What a great setlist.


            “The golden core”,


            Play it in Treviso!

            Just a twenty,twentyfive minuts of song and i’m very happy:)


            i guess the situation with the Golden Core, since they finally played it again, is that at each show they don’t play it, a lot of people will be hugely disappointed (including myself).

          Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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