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    @Juergen, Thanks. Now I can add one more gig on



      I understand that. 80s super gated drums are weird nowadays. But I got somehow reused to it, or learned to hear past it, or appreciate it, whatever… I take it as a part of the sound design and a good song is still a good song. There would also be Kate's first two records from the late 70s which feature the all "natural" unprocessed sounds of a band playing out.

      Fun fact: on this one from The Dreaming album she had Jimmy Bain play the bass because she needed a rock bassist. And that guy was playing in Rainbow on the album "Rising" a couple of years prior, which – as legend has it – was loved by Bent and Snah and got them together to start our favourite band. Or something like that. :D So there's the connection to bring this little detour back to Motorpsychedelism.

      Punj Lizard

        On the tangential discussion on Kate Bush … I saw her live at Hammersmith Odeon in 1979. The performance was an additional date that came about after one of her crew, Bill Duffield, had fallen and died while cleaning up equipment at one of the venues. The concert raised money for his family. Kate was joined on stage at different points through the evening by Peter Gabriel and Steve Harley, both of whom had worked with Duffield. Gabriel also sang "Here Comes the Flood" and Harley sang "Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)". They all finished the concert with "Let It Be".

        When Kate played her more recent residency at Hammersmith I tried to get tickets but couldn't manage. Then one afternoon, a friend from the Netherlands was in town and he called, saying he had a spare ticket, would I like to go? I said "I'd love to. How much is it?" "£200 he replied". "In that case, no, thanks," I responded. I would love to have gone, but £200!! No way, José.


          I would've paid that. 8O Some things come once in a lifetime. But I'll have do with the Before The Dawn live album. "Waking The Witch" is jawdropping.

          Despite the tragedy around that '79 tour, the show was fantastic, at least telling by the video recordings. "James And The Cold Gun", woah! especially the second half of it:



            Yeah okay I'm going to check out the 70s albums… Thanks for the informations… It is somehow strange to me with like I said that 80's synthy Drums allmost ruin even Pink Floyd or Santana Albums from the 80's.. I really can't listen to most of the songs.. :STG:


            Good story dude… I bet you have some of them to tell…


              I saw MP, Alabama Kids and 18th Dye at Popkom 93 in Cologne.(And Sick Of It All inbetween at a different venue :lol: )

              Punj Lizard

                @supernaut – those videos and recordings from 79 are great, though I've not seen them for a while. James and the Cold Gun was my favourite too from those recordings. Like many teenaged boys, and most likely quite a few girls too, I was a little in love/lust with Ms Bush back then. <3

                @mybestfriend – I bet we've all got some good stories to tell. It's a function of being fans of rock music. :D

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              …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994