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    So where did all these songs end up..??? there are heaps of parts and themes which found its true and released form in other songs..

    wanna make a list?

    Never Judge – is basically the backbone of WoTW/ You Lied, but it also contains at least a part of STG and also a part for a later live version of Manmower..

    Dave Gave Up – the intro and middle breakdowns are very True Middle'ish, and I'm quite sure that quite a few parts ended up in the Heartattack Mac/True Middle live renditions..

    In the Midst – that long jam/solo part towards the end sounds awfully familiar, but unfulfilled somewhat.. It's probably similar to a hundred parts they've jammed on during the yrs but maybe someone else recognizes it as something specific..

    And I'm also a 100% sure that I heard a part which later ended up as a Sanderfinger-tune in there somewhere… Just can't seem to find it again..

    What else is in here?



      Well… to quote from the booklet…poster…thingy:

      Never Judge begat You Lied, Manmower and The Nerve Tattoo, Silver Tongue included bits that later ended up in both Stalemate and In the Family, Dave Gave Up sired The Nerve Tattoo and Baby Jesus, and That Dying Breed donated parts to "Drug Thing" and Stalemate as well.

      As for the Sanderfinger-song:

      (About "The Matter With Her")

      This song never fit on any of our albums, and was ultimately rearranged, given a Norwegian lyric ("Østers") and donated to Sanderfinger. It was recorded for their first, Bent-produced album, Camping [1999].


      Ah well, there you go.. haven't read the booklet yet as I'm stuck in a country where the thing is not for sale..


    Viewing 3 posts - 166 through 168 (of 168 total)
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