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    Vegard B. Havdal

      Finished the book.Love it!

      Vegard B. Havdal

        Hi, a deluxe edition of the book about Blissard by author Johan Harstad will be out soon, crowd funded on There is a Norwegian press release, which I have roughly translated here:


        On November 23rd, Falck Forlag AS (publishing) will release book number 12 in the Morgenbladet newspaper Top 100 album series. Earlier, noted authors like Frode Grytten, Stig Sæterbakken, Ketil Bjørnstad, Gro Dahle and Fredrik Wandrup have written about noted acts like a-ha, DePress, Radka Toneff, deLillos and Jan Garbarek, but now the pinnacle remains: Yes, John Harstad’s book about Motorpsycho’s «Blissard»!

        The book is a mastodon of a tribute to Johan’s favourite album of all time. It will be released in same form as the other 11 books in the series: 12x18cm paperback, but in the Motorpsycho spirit we now announce a hardcover edition for the die-hards, only available on

        The cover is designed by Harstad’s own design agency LACTR, and will be in a limited edition. We don’t know how many yet, it is up to you. Every person who orders the book, will have his/her copy hand numbered and signed by the author, in the mail before the regular edition hits the shelves.

        The book is only NOK 299, about 330 pages, has thick nice paper and is guaranteed to become a collectible, IF it gets made.

        To print this book, we have to cover the printing cost, about NOK 30000. That means 100 copies. If we can do that, we can look forward to the fall’s most exclusive and broad music biography in hardcover.

        Do not miss this opportunity. The offer is good from October 19th until November 5th.

        Now, it is up to you. If enough people participate, you will have your book, if not you will have your money back.

        Check out the project on



          I'm in.

          Edit: The link



          Johan Harstad is a great author, this must be good! I´m in!


            Damn! Just ordered a copy!

            Really hoping enough people pre-order!

            Would be insanely fun to read a whole book about Motorpsycho!!

            GO BUY!


              The book will be available in Norwegian only, is that correct?


                No mention of any English version.

                Expect the fight for international publishing rights to start immediately :lol:

                Or – time to learn some language


                  Well, this will be a nice addition to the upcoming 4CD set :lol:

                  Obviously I've pre-ordered. I want the limited edition hardcover version.

                  A little important piece of info: You'll need a Paypal account to be able to pre-order.


                    I'd be in for an English Edition of the book :)


                      Christer Falck posted a promo scan of some selected passages from the book. If that scan is representative, then it looks like it will be a nice balance of the writer's own experiences with the album + facts/info/tech-geek-o-rama from Bent & co.

                      Here's the scan for those not on Facebook:



                        The news is out – Adressa


                        Hi. I'm the publisher of the book Blissard. So far, the book will only be available in Norwegian, but we (Rune Grammofon and Falck Forlag) have discussed to translate the book to English and add it in the lim.ed.-version of the Blissard-vinyl that MIGHT see the light next year.

                        There will be two different books available from November 23th, both in Norwegian.

                        a) The ordinary edition, in the same series as the 11 other books we have just released. Paperback, 330 pages, 12 x 18 cm, and

                        b) The lim.ed-version released through New Jelly ( only), signet by author Johan Harstad, numbered, with hardcover and thicker paper. The words and amount of pages are the same.. We still don't know how many books we will press. It depends how many orders we will receive, but we need 100 orders to start the project. If we get less orders, averyone will get their money back, and there will be no books..

                        You can order until November 5th. After that it's impossible to get hold of the book..

                        Any quiestions, I'd be happy to answer. Here, or

                        Kind regards, Christer


                        blissard-vinyl-deluxe+book version!? OMFG!!!!!

                        please folks order this book! cause in need the whole package! :MPD:


                          I can only speak for myself, but I am very much in favor of this! So I just invested on :) There's 59 investors now, and 16 days left, so I think this will happen! I'll be sure to tell all my Norwegian psychonaut-friends!

                          Also, a vinyl edition with book next year would probably be a just mindblowing package!

                          Krist Rampage

                            Blissard vinyl box with a book, i'm in! I'm sure there are a whole lot of psychonauts who would very much want an Englisch translation of the book. So please…….

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