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      A short, and not particularly informative interview in Dagsavisen here:


      A couple of quotes:

      – Bent says he cried during Neil Young’s concert at Roskilde last year (regarding the fact that it is possible to still make great music at 60 – should MP decide to continue for another 20 years)

      – Snah is “still trying to learn how to play guitar and sing at the same time”

      – The reason they went with KÃ¥re Vestrheim was in particular his work with Hanne Hukkelberg (Bent played bass on her last record)

      – They were surprised and delighted by the success of Child Of The Future and the format debate it spawned

      – Snah: “The trio format is still what we’re good at and interested in exploring”

      – Bent: “Now we are a functioning, vital and working band again for the first time in many years”

      – Bent: “We’re in a position now where people constantly expect us to do something different, and that’s the whole point with Motorpsycho. It makes the job easier, in a way, but it also means that we must exert ourselves even more.”

      – Bent: “We’re starting to realise that we might have played for a longer time than we have left. We’ve got kids, and moved one generation up. That is also seeing death in the white of the eye, and it makes it all the more important to make better, truer and more intricate records, because you never know what will happen next year.”


        Thanks, cool quotes!


        Quite intimate answers – thank you for posting :)


          I wonder where that stupid twat B E Pedersen can explaine how a limitied ed 3000 copies record can sell over 10 000. He wasn’t a good writter when he started up in adressa and he hasn’t progressed much over the years :evil:


          Where did you read that COTF has sold over 10.000 copies?


            On this board and here amongst other places:



              In another interview Bent also mentioned that Vestrheim’s work with Shining and Jaga also made them more excited to work with him, although Jørgen Træen was their initial 1st choice (Træen unfortunately got tinnitus shortly before MP were to go into his Duper studio)

              VG gave it 6 of 6! Stein Østbø was more or less ecstatic about the record. Bent & Snah also made a remark about the slight difficulty of having a 4-year old and a 12-year old running around at home while they were out on tour. But they gave major kudos to their mothers for “being understanding and forthcoming” :lol:

              The VG review/interview is not online yet.

              I really dug this quote from Dagsavisen:

              (COTF debate, vinyl vs CD)

              – Det var ment å skulle være en liten, hemmelig utgivelse for fansen – ikke noen big deal. Men det slo tilbake på helt genialt vis. Det ga oss masse oppmerksomhet og skapte masse debatt. Det er det beste PR-stuntet vi noen gang har gjort, og det var ikke ment sånn i det hele tatt, sier Hans Magnus Ryan stolt.

              – It was meant to be a small & secret release for the fans, no big deal at all. But it backfired in brilliant fashion. It gave us a lot of attention and created lotsa debate. The best Publicity-thing we’ve ever done, and it wasn’t even meant as one, Snah proclaims proudly.


              Kjellepelle: Thanks.

              The 3000 copies are mentioned other places as well, like: http://www.hamar-dagblad.no/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20100110/HDKULTUR/101099997/1135

              Could it be 3000 copies made on Rune Grammofon, and 10000 copies sold worldwide?


                It’s maybe also not exactly witchcraft to extent the number of copies made ;)


                  It might have been an urban myth that is supposed to be only 3000 pressed. I belive that the Rune Grammofon would have put it on it site that if its ltd to 3000. I’m not exactly sure but i might have read that it was pressed first 3000 copies of the record. They might have been re-pressed when it ran out. But ofcourse I belive the total is world wide sales. Anyway will check if I meet the guys or if I contact the Stickies


                  I remember the 10.000 figure: 5000 from Rune and 5000 from Stickman.




                    I don’t think they have sold 10 000 copies of COTF, but 10 000 vinylalbums overall.

                    or maybe they say 3000 because they don’t want the government to know the real numbers…


                      Well I don’t know the figure of total vinyl sale but that should exceed 10 000 copies by far, consider that the two first albums was just released as vinyl , and all the albums after have been on vinyl as well. MP fans are vinyl fans,I have sold alot of MP vinyl over the years in shops and otherwise. The article above clearly states that COTF have sold more or less 10 000 copies

                      Om lag 10 000 eksemplarer har LP-en solgt, kan vokalist og bassist Bent Sæther fortelle


                      I know you shouldn’t take that as hard fact since sales no are a very “fluid” figure but I consider the rumor as the record are ltd are just that. I belive that they will sell that record as long as people want it.


                        Kjelli, is that you? :wink:



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