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      otherdemon: For some reason they played Junior before Babylon/Mr. Who. Bent said "for dramaturgic reasons we're gonna play side 4 now" and then they went straight into Junior. Not sure why they swapped the order, but whatever.

      Thanks, you're absolutely right! I've updated the setlist.

      Netsrak: Did you spot any professional cameras, btw?

      Unfortunately, no. There were no cameras onstage, and save for a journalist who was down in the pit with a camera and a microphone during "Waiting For The One" (focusing mainly on the crowd), I couldn't see any cameras elsewhere either. I planned to shoot/record the whole thing, but security was really tight, and while the guards were cool with photos, they didn't seem to like filming. Maybe someone did some more extensive taping further back, but from down the front, it's unlikely we'll see more than brief clips.

      I shot some footage following the first couple of psychonauts up the stairs, right from when the gates were opened, as well as a brief clip of "Sheer Profoundity" and the amazing "Step Inside Again"-section of "Demon Box", interspersed with some pictures and footage from later that night at Slottsfjell. It's only 5 minutes or so, but if you want to see it, it's here:


        thanks for the film! i'm sure it was a magicallly out there experience!! Feedtime! Rickenbacker! Ken & Geb & Helge! such a shame if there's no offical film release… A RW double DVD with this and the 2010 Timothy show would be THE gift.


        Great video clip, it really captures part of the atmosphere!

        This was my first time at Slottsfjell and i must say i think it sucked as a festival, i know i cant judge an entire festival based on half a day, but thats my only reference now..Stupidly drunk people everywhere, cancelled bands i wanted to see, and crapp, too loud music (common problems in the north), but the location was very good, havent been up there outside of the festival, so cant compare to much, pretty unique setting, particulary the stage motorpsycho played at. That the stage was closed beforehand (first trip up), and the uncertainy of motorpsycho playing contributed to making it a very special experience, in addition to the grand show that was demon box live, and the uniqueness of every MP concert, of course.

        I enjoyed Up against the Phantom, briefly; Echo and the bunny men, mostly because they were ok in a sea of crap; Resirkulert for their youthfull energy, good vibe (and nordnårsk singing, i often enjoy that) and Tempel for playing their own type of doomy music i usually enjoy rockin out to.

        But Motorpsycho saved the festival for me, and made it all worthwhile (because the sky was really made of wine that night, a stormy psychedelic one that went away but will live on forever in my recollections;)


        Thank you to the kind psychonaut who sold me the spare ticket,

        and not least M O T O R P S Y C H O & Family

        There is a review of Slottsfjell saturday, with a brief clip of the Motorpsycho interview and concert review, up here:


          Also needs mentioning that the festival crew had a nice little detail on their hoodies:


          Sorry about the picture quality, it was taken at beer o'clock.


            I'd have expected even more comments after such a huge event, but I suppose like me, everyone is simply still stunned and in shock and awe after a truly monmumental concert. I honestly did not in my wildest dreams expect something as good as this. Retro gigs like this are usually "nice" affairs. Only extremely rarely do bands manage to make justice to their older material in a way like this. Motorpsycho have moved on since 1993, so for them to be able to tap into the nerve that was present Saturday night was truly remarkable. Having Geb and Deathprod aboard just made the night complete.

            As has been mentioned, the events leading up to the gig did lend the whole thing a special edge. We had to suffer through some pretty awful stuff during this day (cold winds, lots of drunk teenagers, russebusshelvete on the main stage including "pornosjokk"-Arif, a grumpy and disgruntled Echo and the Bunnymen shortchanged with a measly 40 min set on smaller stage and an overall pretty shitty atmosphere). And all the time the uncertainty of whether the gig would happen at all. But once it did…wheew…my beer buzz was just right, and from the very first minute it was simply pure bliss. The sound was so-so way back, especially the first two LP sides, but from Junior and on the sound was reasonably good.

            The band, however, was transcendant. This honestly, hand to my heart, was one of the best 2 or 3 Motorpsycho gigs I've seen. There were no weak spots (although AIL was a little less effective than usual and Tuesday Morning a little scratchy, but mostly due to the sound). And from Junior and out, they just hit another plane. Plan #1 was achingly beautiful, executed with perfection, easily the best version I've heard. But it was the ending that just blew this gig right through the clouds and into extra-terrestrial heights.

            Hearing Bent doing Come On In alone, on acoustic, on that huge stage, and every single soul attendant keeping perfectly shut…it brought a tear to my eye.

            And then. "This is where it all…ends."

            Demon Box. OMG. Back when I got into Motorpsycho this track never really did that much for me. Over the years I have come to appreciate it though. But to hear it on record is one thing. To actually *experience* it like we did on Saturday is just a whole different thing. I just stood there giggling, laughing and drolling maniacally as the noise washed over us. It must have been the best version they ever did. Of course this is pure speculation, but everyone was so *on* and inspired and attacked it with such fervour…

            So thank you, thank you, Motorpsycho. Again and again and again you do it. You hit that special nerve, occupy that musical space that only you know how to. Nothing else comes close.


              Not quite sure whether there's too much to add. It was a glorious, glorious night, even if, as others have pointed out, Slottsfjell is very different to other festivals I have been to. The crowd was way different from what I'd expect at a festival.

              I was one of those fortunate enough to get a ticket for the Q&A. Snah missed it, the four others were present. Exactly why Deathprod and Kenneth took place I'm not quite sure, they hardly said anything at all. Bent and Geb did most of the talking – Bent was the serious one, Geb was in a great mood, with oneliner following oneliner. An example: he claimed to be completely unaware of what was going on in the music world in the early nineties, so when he saw the word "grunge" (on purpose pronounced with two syllables) in a review, he had no idea what it meant, and figured out that it was probably a trøndersk expression ("eit inntrøndersk uttrykk"). Most of those present enjoyed it, at least those speaking or understanding Norwegian. Several travelling psychonauts were there, including the one from the legendary Carpe Diem-photo from Øya 2010. When Geb recognized some of those in the audience, he immediately went up to them, greeting them with smiles and hugs.

              As you all know, it was uncertain whether the show would go on. We spent some time studying the program (and trying to find out where the stage was – it would be helpful if Slottsfjell put up some signs), and realized that it would be impossible to move the concert to another stage. Thus, it was no big surprise when it was finally announced that the stairs leading to the stage were opened, neither was it a surprise when Bent opened the show by saying that if the wind increased, they would have to call it off.

              The wind stayed away, of course. Why would it cause such a show to be called off? After a playful "Waiting for the one", the drum intro to "Nothing to Say" brought a number of smiles to the crowd. I went to the show with my brother, who hadn't seem Motorpsycho since the mid-90s, and the smile on his face made me think of the many shows we witnessed together back then, and how that intro always made us jump like mad. (Now we are too old for that, we only move our bodies back and forth.) The song itself, and the following "Feedtime" set the tone for the night. "Feedtime" was bloody excellent.

              And so it progressed. The more rocking songs got the best response, I felt, but also the others were a joy to watch. The only downpoints of the show were "All Is Loneliness", which suffered from a bad mix, where Bent's singing was the only singing we could hear, to a certain extent "Gutwrench", and "Mr. Who?", who was as misplaced here as it is on the record.

              I also felt that "Demon Box" as a minute or two too long, but otherwise it was, as I've already said, a glorious night. Many songs brought lumps to my throat, some brought tears to my eyes. It was not quite as exceptional as TM at Øya, but it was not far away. I turned fifty the following day, by the way, and even if I have never bothered celebrating birthdays, this was the best present anyone could have received.

              Some similar thoughts on my blog (Norwegian only).


              Thank you for all these reviews guys :MPD:


                Any recording?


                  Some Snippets (Waiting for the one & Nothimg to say) and Snah Interview:


                  Great to see Geb back on Drums :-))


                    From Bent's report: "We should do this again…"

                    Yes please! :MPD:


                        Hahahaha…great…fast supply of the information…

                        did you wrote some thanks to the viking warrior taper as well?




                            someone put it on mötörtrades please? :D

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