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      [posted by “motorpsycho” at facebook again with note “other photos soon as possible”]

        I guess I would have been rather dissappointed

        No fillmore. You would have loved it. Close yr eyes and imagine it all, being there with friends and a fine bottle of red. :mrgreen:


          ..or a sicpack of ice cold corona/San Miguel, an Ac. Guitar for all the jamming after the concert, a bunch of psychonauts sharing the moment….the sun, the sea….MAN I WISH I’D BEEN THERE!


            I received this:

            An insanely cool location, on a rock in the sea!

            Very inspired set with great jams.

            Snah had some technical issues initially but after that…fantastic!

            Guess you had to be there…


            grrr.never know about this festival,it’s like the ATP.i little bit expansive but if you are in order to take an holiday…..however,i wished to be there


              They played Hogwash at DUNA JAM, right after Diana. Watch the second part of this Video:


              and Cornucopia



                simply awesome. what a moment to be there.


                  We were told yesterday (by the merch guy) that they played between 2 and 2,5 hours and that Tos (guitar tech) joined them for an encore-jam which was a cover (but not the Rainbow one).


                    Looks like about 30 people watched this ;-)


                    I just got back from the Duna Jam!

                    I have to say that this was one of the best Motorpsycho concerts I’ve ever seen. It was really a perfect setting with the sea in the background, the sunset later and then the band shining with just a few lights put on them in the dark.

                    I was there with the Colour Haze crew, we set up all the equipment and PA. We came around 5pm and MP was already there. A funny story, Snah really made a lazy day, just lurking around between the rocks while everyone else made an effort to get all the amps to the “venue” (couldn’t drive there directly with the car, that was hard work! :)). He was hanging there just before they started playing! During the first song, Cornucopia, an amp broke and Snah’s guitar was out of tune, he gave it to his tech and just stood there waiting till everything was fixed. Lol!

                    So the first two songs were a bit complicated soundwise and again the singing was out of tune but after that it was total magic!! More and more people were dancing and the sound got better and better. I don’t really remember the songs they played, it was pretty jammed out, highlights were Into The Sun and Hogwash. The Diana jam was perfect too! Giftland was also played and Starhammer.

                    A friend of mine who does sound engineering on most of the Duna Jam bands also records everything so there is a 24-track recording of this! He usually gives it to the bands if they want. I don’t know if it’s good to mix this without asking the band, but it’s good to know that it exists! :)

                    So yes, that was a phenomenal experience!


                      Thanks for the first eye-witness report! Sounds great!


                        @ TOFKAD (TheOneFormerlyKnownAsDaniel):

                        Can you remember that Motorpsycho were joined on additional guitars for a cover version in the encore? Was the enocre “Into The Sun”?

                        Thanks for the report!!


                          Woww.. they play Into The Sun again…Looking forward too see Kenneth play this…

                          Great Tour…

                          Greetings. JAcob..


                          Yes, their guitar tech (don’t remember his name) tried to join for an encore (it was a cover but i can’t tell which song, sorry) but his guitar was constantly feedbacking so he put it away half of the song and the three of them played it to the end.

                          Into The Sun was played somewhere in the middle of the main set.

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