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    PFFFFFFFFFFT! I live in Trøndelag myself these days(I'm Snah's neighbour, actually). I haven't seen a real mountain since I left my hometown in august:) It's all just small hills up here, really.


    Well, at least nobody can complain about the weather…


    Sjur577: Take a trip 1 hour north (Flatanger). Small beautiful place!


    I had no internet while up there to check on tips. So I was at Vigelands park in heavy rain (somebody pulled a "pussy riot" there, anything in the papers?), viking museum, some guitar shops, Grünerlokka, the castle and as a personal highlight I went to Hovedøya on sunny monday. Didn't know anything about these islands before. Just stumbled upon a pier and a ferry.

    btw where exactly would the Oya festival be happening?


    The Øya Festival takes place in the Medieval Park. Just a short walk away from the Opera, actually (5-10 mins).


    oh i've been there. :lol:


    I'm using this thread for the same question but Trondheim.

    I'll be staying with a friend in Trondheim from Friday to Tuesday, anyone would like to catch a drink? I'm not really active here but it'd be nice to see some friendly people who share the same passion :)

    And does anybody have some tips for things to do around Trondheim or knows some nice pubs?


    To see: Definitely the cathedral, now also famous for the legendary Motorpsycho concert.

    An amazing building well worth a look, whatever your beliefs.

    Also Rockheim, a hightech museum for Norwegian rock/pop music. Some funny Motorpsycho stuff there.

    Pub: Den gode nabo a.k.a. Naboen. One stair down right at the east end of the Old city bridge. Nice and calm atmosphere, wide variety of beers.


    You should also visit Svartlamon! Where Motorpsycho randomly played on "Eat The Rich" festival a couple of years back. They also (used to) practice there, and I believe they live(d) there ;)


    Thanks guys! So anyone up for a meeting or not? ;)


    I'm up for it if I'm going to the concert. If there's tickets available on monday, I'll probably go. So where and how do people meet up?


    Den Gode Nabo is a really nice place. But 135 NOK for a beer at Saturday night, wow…

    Well, I would suggest meeting there or at another pub some hours before the concert starts. Or afterwards ;)


    Mikrobryggeriet is good if it's not too crowded, which I doubt it'll be on a monday. You can't go wrong with an amber or IPA before a MP show.


    Just noticed that The Memorials feat. Thomas Pridgen (Ex. THE MARS VOLTA) are playing at Blæst tonight after the Unicorn show.

    Just in case anyone are still hungry…

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