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    hey guys,

    i'll come to oslo this weekend and want to know, some already mentioned this, if there's a chance for a fan meeting on saturday evening or on sunday before (or after) the concert…

    i am from germany and was only once in oslo, so maybe some locals have some ideas for this?

    would be nice to see some of you again/for the first time…


    no one, really? :roll:


    i might be in. also it'd be nice to have some Osloers to show us around or at least give tips what to do in Oslo when not sitting in the opera.


    Go to the National Gallery. It's for free and shows amazing paintings! Vigeland Park is also very cool. Or go by "underground" train to holmenkollen. You have a great view over Oslo from up there. And you can hold some Sooths in your hands in one of the second hand Record stores all across the city (but at a minimum from 1500NOKs…). Also Munch museet is worth a visit (but Scream and some others are shown in the NG too). With a hole day off, the Viking ships museum and the Norsk folk Museum on Bygdoy are also good. But the best is the opera house itself :-) Standing on the roof, drinking beer (from the Duty Free Shop. Don't forget to buy!) and watching the sea…

    That's at least what I did the last times in Oslo.

    Have Fun!

    Edit: National Gallery is only free on Sundays since this year…


    Would be sweet with a meeting before or after the show!


    thanks wulf. what about Maridalen? worth a trip? wouldn't mind to see some nature, too.

    Vegard B. Havdal

    You are Swiss, and expecting to be impressed by Maridalen? Prepare to be underwhelmed. :-) Lauterbrunnen it ain't.


    I'm also going to Oslo (from Trondheim)! I'm not sure exactly what my schedule will be, but saturday evening I'll be at John Dee, seeing a band called Two Gallants. Most of friday and saturday will probably be spent with friends and family. But a meeting saturday evening and/or sunday before and/or after show(s) would be cool. I don't know my way around Oslo very well, so I have no idea what would be a good meeting place near the opera. Also, there are bars and restaurants at the Opera House, but those places might be mighty expensive (at least that's what my prejudice against opera in general tells me ;).

    But I do know that the Opera is very close to the Oslo Central Station, so somewhere in that area could be a good meeting place. Maybe some natives could chime in? Cafe Mono seems to be within walking distance?


    Agreed! I really don´t know my way round Oslo either. (From Norway). I will go to Oslo this sunday. So a meeting sunday would be awesome! Not many people i know are MP-fans. (Managed to get my dad to join me on the Trondheim gig. Closet-psychonaut).


    I'm going with my favourite son (not Odin :wink: ) so I don'expect much pubin' around. A sunday meetup sounds good.


    Haha! The question is where? Not to expensive, not to crowded!


    Hey, I will be in oslo round 7 o clock saturday evening. After check in at my hoterl I will go to John Dee and watch Two Gallants, too- I hope I will be in time, and hope that it is not sold out, cause I have no tickets yet. After that It will be nice to drink beer somewhere.

    On sunday I planed a visit of the National Gallery before the concerts. but this can be changed…

    I will see both shows and than I have freetime for a beer or so again with some others. :cheers:

    un chien, you have mail. :D



    they asked me the same thing in the welsh "mountains". :lol: (Snowdonia I can recommend to anybody!) but not all swiss live up in the alps herding cows. Though you can see them (the mountains, not the cows) from every spot here…

    A nice quiet norwegian landscape with trees and elks and owls and bears and trolls and no people would surely impress me.


    You should visit western Norway, then! Bergen is where MP are most likely to play, but just a few hours north, we have all that you ask for(except for bears). I saw Motorpsycho play between these majestetic mountains and fjords a few years ago. Worst MP-show I've been to, actually.

    Can't let an opportunity to promote my home turf slip away:)


    Nono! You should come to Trøndelag (Mid-Norway). The combination of harsh seas, fjords, mountains and forests in just 1km is really beautiful!

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