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    This just made my weekend! Sail on.

    Looking fw to some words after the concert :-)

    Punj Lizard

      @Supersonic Scientist – I'm glad my joy has mad your weekend, because the 'discovery' of MP has been making my month!. :D I will definitely be here to share my impressions ater the London gig.

      The Other Anders

        Hi Punj Lizard, welcome! Oh, how I envy you discovering MP now. To stumble upon such a treasure, it doesn't happen too often these days, not to me, al least. I mostly lurk around here, but I want to point you in direction of the officially released live recordings before you seek out the soundboards (not too many of them), the radio recordings (luckily there are a handful of great ones) and the audience recordings (there are 100s, and at least a couple from each tour will be worth your time.

        Since your oldest record is Trust Us, you should start with Roadwork 1, which was recorded on that tour, and which – in my book – is another cornerstone of their catalogue. Here you get a fantastic glimpse of the live magic.

        Another live classic is Oslo Rockefeller March 14th 1997, a radio recording that circulated among the traders for 20 years, before finally being released in its entirety as part of the Angels and Daemons at Play Boxset.

        You also have the DVD "Haircuts", which contains a recording from Amsterdam 2002. Also a great, great release.

        When you work your way further back in their catalogue, you will find live recordings shattered throughout, beginning with a show from 1993 in the Demon Box boxset, and also a far out jazz experiment on Roadwork 2, from a show in 1995.

        Let me know, and I'll try to assemble the radio recordings list next time, unless someone else has that list at hand and will post it for me.


        Punj Lizard

          @The Other Anders – Brilliant, thanks for taking the time to give me some pointers. No rush on the radio recordings as I have plenty to listen to already, but further down the line I'll definitely be interested. I have RW4, which is excellent, so will delve further into the live stuff as I move along. RW1 and RW2 sound interesting too. I was wondering though – what is RW3? Wherever I look it seems to be conspicuous by its absence.

          I can't tell you how overwhelming it all is. There's just so much material. Like trying to drink from a firehose, as they say.

          As for DVDs – I don't really get on with them. I have a number of DVDs by bands that I've never watched – they came with CDs but I was never drawn to watch them. I tend to just stick to the listening. I used to watch videos and live stuff off the TV, but these days they just don't do it for me, unless I'm on a nostalgia trip for a bit of Zeppelin or Woodstock. I seem to be unusual in that regard as most of mymusic-loving friends watch DVDs all the time. :D


            Seeing that you're not too fond of DVDs, it's no wonder you haven't found RW3 – it's on the Haircuts DVD from 2008.

            Welcome, by the way.


              Welcome on board! I remember discovering MP seven years ago (I'm quite a new fan too after all) and how wonderful this new world was. You'll see you won't get tired of this anytime soon :D have a nice trip!

              Punj Lizard

                @kjesso – That explains a lot! Thanks for the welcome. :D

                @Ercarner – Thanks for the welcome. I'm enjoying the trip so far. Can't see that changing. :D


                Partial list of radio recordings to kick this off:

                -Roskilde 93

                -Oslo 3/94

                -Rome 94

                -As 94 (3 songs only but are a real treat!)

                -Oslo 1996

                -Quart 1996

                -Oslo 1997 (also on AADAP deluxe box)

                -Stavanger 1998

                -Oslo 4/2000

                -Oslo 2001

                and also these internet live streams:

                -Lowlands festival NL 2000

                -Tilburg 2001

                -Amsterdam 11/2002 (full show; partial show released on Haircuts dvd as RW3)

                This covers the very best that's out there. More radio shows up to 2002 are in circulation but some have issues with degraded sound while others capture the boys on not-so-hot nights

                For 2004 onwards shows I can only think of Oya 2006 as a full radio show, and that one is only about an hour. There are probably partial radio recordings as well from those years. Anyone care to list those?

                Great King Rat

                  Welcome to the Psychoverse! I envy you, my friend, for being about to discover MP's 90's gems. I'm one of those who rate those albums higher than the later stuff. Tthat's because they touch me (stronger). Musically, the later stuff might just be as adventorous, eclectic and demanding. And there's constant development. But I've come to think that I prefer the old songs because MP were in the twenties when they wrote them and I was, too, when I discovered them. A crucial time in growing (up). There's simply a very close emotional connection to their 90's music for me.

                  You know, if I were you, I'd listen to Timothy's Monster last, making The Golden Core the very last Motorpsycho song to encounter. That would be some finale!

                  Enjoy the trip!


                  As a 90's scaninavian retroprog fan, I guess you already know that Reine Fiske (Landberk / Dungen) was a semi-member on "Still Life With Eggplant", and played an extensive role on the following 2013-tour?

                  And Anekdoten are huge Motorpsycho fans (a split gig with MP took place back in 2000 in Skien, Norway). I believe the admiration is mutual

                  Punj Lizard

                    @kippenhok – Thank you so much for that list. I've copied it and put it in a safe place, ready for when I'm ready to take the plunge.

                    @Great King Rat – I know exactly what you mean about a band's earlier material having more impact when you yourself are of the same age. By the 1990s I was entering my 30s and had lived through the years that first turned me on to music – T.Rex when I was 10, Yes, Zeppelin, Genesis, Floyd, Marley, Steely Dan and others in my teens, just before punk exploded when I was 16 and suddenly The Sex Pistols, Stranglers, Damned, Clash, Buzzcocks … In the 80s it was newer prog bands, especially Solstice, and a variety of popular music, but much more looking back to Joni Mitchel, Neil Young, CSNY, The Doors, etc. In the first half of the 90s I was living in Canada and exploring folk and Canadian artists a little, but mostly experimental fusion from artists like Jah Wobble, Bill Laswell, Transglobal Underground as well as New Age and ambient music. The latter half of the 80s I was living in India – so Indian classical, folk and devotional music came to the fore. In the 00s I was listening mostly to older music but also had a brief crazy Eminem spell! I was angry and it helped me get a lot of that out. :D The last six or seven years have been a return to progressive and now psychedelic music, but mostly in terms of discovering new bands or ones that had somehow just passed me by. That's where MP come in. And they're making a serious impression – believe me.

                    As for your suggestion to save Timothy's Monster and especially The Golden Core for last, well I like the idea, but I'm just not sure I can hang on that long, at least not now that you've mentioned it. It's like telling a kid, 'don't open that cupboard'! ;)


                      @kippenhok U know where I might be able to find some of these? Esp Oslo 1996 which I guess was the spring show at Rockefeller? Great setlist and sound. Which of these is your favourite?

                      EDIT: Found the Oslo show, so great, now in a wormhole going through the old EPs YouTube vids etc, even maiden voyage, its been years, but oh my, how good they were. From day one! Politician, Queen Chinee, How was I to know, and that early Blueberry Daydream cut, amazing. Beats everything until DB. Even found a live version of Big Surprise from 98 which is pure indie-rock bliss. That whole era 94-98 casts such a heavy shadow I can’t see how any band would be able to survive it. Well, they have, sorta. But how I miss their melodies and punk psych rock abandon. The new stuff is great, but my heart will unfortunalety always be in the 90s w MP, it was kind of bizarre how much everything just clicked, how easily the songs came, how it just poured out of them, how good Geb was (I almost forgot), how the record sleeves looked, how they looked, how abs right everything was. All good bands have these intense period, but this level is quiet astounding, even for a great band. Ok, I’m 40, so I guess I’ll always be a 90s kid at heart.. All the emotions, insane. Ok, now I’ll give The Tower a spin, eh

                      Great King Rat
                        As for your suggestion to save Timothy's Monster and especially The Golden Core for last, well I like the idea, but I'm just not sure I can hang on that long, at least not now that you've mentioned it. It's like telling a kid, 'don't open that cupboard'!

                        I see what you mean but i still think you should try. It would be absolutely worth it!


                          Well, Bartok…you said it again, *exactly* like I would, and I'm 40 too (well, in a few months), so I do think it has something to do with the time we came of age. But all that said, I connect emotionally with The Tower (the album) almost as intensely as those 90s peaks, so they are definitely doing something right these days too. And the consistency of their output is unquestionable – it's just, as you say, that they were so unbelievably good at their (in our opinion) peak that almost everything will have to pale in comparison.

                          It will be interesting to see if Punj Lizard sees it that way though, coming at it from a different angle and a different age. But your eclectic tastes in music puts you in a perfect place to appreciate their entire output.

                          Now off to the Larvik gig. I am trying to "ganne" for them to play Rad.Freq and/or Mantrick Muffin Stomp, but it's probably more wishful thinking than anything. That would make my life complete, though.


                            There's definitely an emotional, coming-of-age and discover-the-band angle for us, who got into them in the 90ties. I don't know if Trust Us is "better" than HMF or The Aubergine, but for those old albums I will always have a soft spot and I listen to them differently than to The Tower. I don't really listen anymore to the albums from 2000 to 2002, though… And their shows back then! They're surely better players nowadays but those 90s shows blew us all away, didn't they? That said, their quality nowadays has something to do with not repeating a Timothy's Demon Box At Play blueprint again and again.

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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994