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    It's also a very good sounding album, the production is really crisp yet dynamic and fat. And they seem to have toned the higher pitched vocals down in favour of melodies more within their range

    Yeah. Bent has done a really nice job, with each instruments is visible and lots of nice details. I also like the slowness, this must be slowest moving record in recent MP history.


      Fra Morgenbladet



        Independent UK


          I like it better than Behind The Sun also. It's more compact and fluent sounding, production fits well to the music. Not a big surprise in the matter of innovativeness, prog rock MP style, and I like it pretty much not to get it wrong. As always it's gonna take some spins to dig deeper and the live experience will be as huge as only MP can do it on stage.

          Sometimes missing some more direct, straight forward sounds, less drum-ghostnotes and maybe just sounds, not necessarily new but just different from the last albums. :)


            Klassekampen Musikkekstra today



              Positive but seemingly trying-to-describe-the-music-objectively Dutch review:


              Nice review from an old, notorious psychonaut (at the bottom of the page):


              In german.

              Great King Rat

                Got it today, listened to it once, liked it straight away. Also think it's gonna grow, so it's gonna spin, spin, spin in the weeks to come.

                I have to admit I'm pleasantly surprised. I definetly had been more excited about an upcoming MP albm in the past than I was this time. But it got me at first listen, yeah! :P


                  Allmusic really likes it, positive one 4.5/5 english

                    Kid A

                      @Netsrak: Thank you for posting this wonderful review. This is the way it must be done. Though I´m a SPON regular, I haven´t read it before.

                      I did a translation into english for all non-german readers:

                      It´s 10 PM in Berlin Mitte, an icy cold January night. It has been snowing and snowing the whole day. I´m in the car, it won´t start. Motorpsycho “Here Be Monsters”: I put in the CD and forget time and space.

                      “Sleepwalking”, a minimal piano tune, snow flakes are falling slowly on the windshield. Outside, a street lamp´s light is shining into my car like a small beam. The guitars of “Lacuna/Sunrise” are whimpering softly and after a few seconds it is back: the Motorpsycho-Bass, that´s driving me since 25 years through my life. The car´s speakers are rumbling and distorting, sugar-sweet guitar tunes accompanied by the bass, that has more thrust than the complete works of Motörhead, in addition the angel´s voices of Hans Magnus Ryan and Bent Saether: emotional, mesmeric, touching.

                      The song is fading seamlessly into the instrumental “Running with Scissors”. Like a lukewarm rain in late summer, while outside, the snow is covering almost the whole pane.

                      But then: I.M.S. The dreamy piano from “Sleepwalking” returns in a boisterous 7/8 clock and within the first moments it turns into a blizzard, as if you had opened a box of demons, calling you to trust them – and in between the piano offers you some cake.

                      “Spin, Spin, Spin” is a cover of Terry Callier and in old Motorpsycho tradition better than the original.

                      After this follows the reprise “Sleepwalking Again”, as if you have been given a strong sedative.

                      And then it is back, unexpected, this Motorpsycho moment: you hear a song and even after 25 years of band history, you fall in love with this music once again. The 18-minute-long “Big Black Dog” starts with acoustic guitars, Fender Rhodes, mellotron an Saether´s and Ryan´s Beach-Boys-Singing – and lets you glide through the universe, as if packed in giant cotton candy, before bass and guitar sheathe, wrap in with a monotonous, mesmerizing riff-loop and take you away into the void.

                      Seven songs in 50 minutes, the world is out of joints, this record can help to steady oneself for a moment. To feel understood, secure and safe.

                      The last few seconds of “Big Black Dog” are running, only acoustic guitars left, Saether and Ryan are singing: “Sunlight, please warm me, cold emptiness is out there in the fog. Sunlight, please save me, please keep me safe and stay.” Than the song is vanished. Gone.

                      In the meantime, the windshield is completely blown over by the snow and it is dark inside the car.

                      I´m alone again. A new record by Motorpsycho, a new life section.

                      Oliver Polak



                      Hi guys,

                      First post in this forum! Here you can find an italian review of Here Be Monsters:

                      Motorpsycho – Here Be Monsters

                      See ya!



                        Can't find if this was mentioned or asked before:

                        Credits say "In memory of RJ – sail on brother."

                        So – i've no idea – who is RJ?

                        Oh, and btw: I like HBM a lot, my favorite track is Big Black Dog so far.


                          I think it's refering to (David) Robert Jones aka David Bowie.

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