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    Mail sent yesterday and received an answer already, sold out at Stickman. It's updated at the Stickman site now. As it seems the records are already pressed. I am tired of these limited edition releases. They are in stock at the band's webshop but shipping costs and customs duty … can't afford this. Well done.


      @Arturo: They must be misinformed. Bent told me – in person, at the Trondheim show, that orders will be open until end of the tour. And then, if necessary, orders for more goods will be sent to the pressing plant. Same thing as is said here – and

      (It might of course be that Stickman only got a limited quota to sell from their web shop – but I can't imagine any reason for such a limitation).


        That was also my thought TE, they said they would press as much as need until a certain date.



        Have a look at the Stickman update. This way of releasing Limited Editions is getting more and more like a bad joke to me. "[…] and we think we have found a way for y’all to get yer hands on this directly from us for a sensible price and not from some greedy fucker off the interwebs!" What do they think who gives greedy fuckers the possibility to sell their records for insane prices? Limited Edition, orders limited to 5 copies per each customer. No greedy fucker will get money from me but sadly i won't be able to order this one from the webshop in norway.


          @ Arturo: I happen to have an extra copy of HBM2. If you don't get hold of it for a reasonable price soon, please tell me, and I will send it to you for the same price as Stickman would have charged you.


          Somehow i 'm getting tired of all these limited releases: Only available on tour, at night, till yesterday, for women….?

          Ordering the LP from No(r)way?


            Trying to buy HBM2 from the webshop. Is paypal really the only option?


            @mefisto: that's a generous offer! Would be real cool to get your extra copy. Guess you need a mail adress, right? It's bandini (at) tutanota (dot) com


              It is inconvenient not be able to listen to digital files until the goods arrive.


                A classic rock release so to speak. :D


                  I bought the red (Batman) shirt and i like it very much. I think it's great, that the new cloths are all fair-trade organic material. Once again i feel self-confirmed in my choice of my favorite band. Though I'd love to get my hands on some stuff other than shirts or hoodies. The European Cloth Market is kind of boring. Try to find a Tank-Shirt with cowl or some stylish jackets/coats. …nearly impossible. Europe is all about functional clothing and much more of the same hoodies and shirts. at least for men…

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                …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994