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      Greg laughed?? 8O

        no, it was on DRS3 in the “rock special”

        hard to believe nowadays. :(

          Greg laughed?? 8O

          yes he did.

          it seems that he was in a cheerful mind. 8)


            Motorpsycho entered VG lista in Norway at both #1 spots: #1 spot on the Top 30 Norwegian albums and on the Top 40 All Albums. Congrats!

              Motorpsycho entered VG lista in Norway at both #1 spots: #1 spot on the Top 30 Norwegian albums and on the Top 40 All Albums. Congrats!


              Wonder where they´ll be next week? MP fans usally don´t wait to long to buy their new albums. Maybe this week, vinyl owners will buy the CD edtion and vice versa so it might enter the charts next week as well. :D


                Yeah congrats lads!

                On another note regarding the album: I’ve noticed that more then a few reviews has put their fingers on the “nice guitar harmonics” on the album. There are many parts where it could seem like there are two guitars playing different soloish stuff both left and right (Take the intro to W.B.A.T and GT P 3 for instance). But after listening to the album non stop for a week now, i think that the so called guitar on the right side of the soundscape is infact KÃ¥re and his keyboard, through some kind of fuzzbox or overdrive pedal. If that’s the case, then i think more kudos are in order, cus he does a great job!

                Any thoughts?


                  You’re right. Could very well be. The discipline of proper credit for each and every song on the sleeve has loosened up quite a bit.


                    Finally got the vinyl. Oh it’s a beauty. Putting the scratch art not on side four is a nice move.


                      @supernaut: You’re definitely right about the odd meters. Seems the band shares your enthusiasm for the 7/4 groove, too – it’s featured in three and a half songs;

                      – The funky X-3 jam

                      – The Bomb-Proof Roll and Beyond is 7/4 most of the way through

                      – Gullible’s Travails jam (Part 3?)

                      – The W.B.A.T main riff is either a 15 or an alternating 7 and 8, depending on your inclination.

                      I’m loving the album so far – it’s been on heavy rotation on mp3-player and stereo alike now, and as usual they’ve included lots of little details for us active listeners. :D

                      W.B.A.T flows like a 1973 Black Sabbath song (the main riff closely resembles A National Acrobat: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guFHGUEScwg). The way the guitar doubles up on the riff before the solo – indeed, the last part of the solo itself sounds A LOT like Iommi and Sabbath.

                      Also, has anyone else noticed how the female voices towards the end of X-3 sounds like a hommage to the choirs in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Imbxqv_5TJU


                        @ TAF: I think kenneth name dropped Black Sabbath as an influence on this album both on that German (was it?) Interview, aswell as at the Store Studio interview. I agree with the BS feel of W.B.A.T, and i even think that Bent sounds alot like Ozzy while singing the phrase; “Seems it only served to magnify the pain and doubt” – if you think Sabbra Cadabra vocals. The blend of his high pitched voice plus the reverb on the vocals reminds me of that track every time i hear those words :)


                        So I got HMF now spinning for a week now…. What I have to say, it’s really great!

                        In it’s entirety the best since Phanerothyme/LTEC for me.

                        Starhammer just got me blown away from the first listen, X-3 grows more and more, Bomb-Proof is just a nice, MP-harmonized swinging song with the cool idea of two different vocal lines. I’m looking forward to that live!

                        Close Your Eyes works very good with piano and how they arranged it and is the breather between all the “epicness” as mentioned before.

                        WBAT starts out jazzy and turns into that very cool laid back riff with almost a little stoner-touch. Bents vocals do not 100% convince me on that one, it’s a little bit too much for him (just like on Whole Lotta Diana), no matter if it’s hamonized with 3 or 4 more layers.

                        And Gullible’s Travails… When Kenneth comes in with the drums in the beginning it’s just huge! Snah’s vocals fit perfectly, the Elementhaler is the most beautiful thing I’ve heard in a long time, Circle is the best recorded build-up (only Alchemyst, Taifun or Golden Core may be better) and Phoot’s Flower comes in with a “Heal The World” refrain ;) and stretches it out till maximum which is cool!

                        Production is very nice, the guitars sound just evil on that heavy riffs.

                        And the cover is as spaced-out as the album so that’s very cool!


                        @TAF: hehe, concerning W.B.A.T. and X-3 I had exactly the same thoughts. The resemblance of the National Acrobat riff is really striking. Kenneth’s drumming has at times quite some Bill Ward-feel to it, too (e.g. in Bomb-proof roll). It’s kind of funny for me, because I underwent a heavy Black Sabbath-phase recently myself, apparently MP did the same when they wrote and recorded HMF :-)

                        On COTF already, I thought quite some parts sounded like BS, and reference-song titles like Cornucopia or The Ozzylot seemed to prove that. And when COTF was rather Master of Reality/Vol.4 style, it’s Sabbath Bloody Sabbath now.

                        the space part of X-3 really reminds me of some of Györgi Ligety’s stuff, like his parts on the 2001 soundtrack where I encountered him for the first time (as probably many of us, I guess).

                        about HMF as a whole: I really like it very, very much, I’m pretty close to say I LOVE IT , and I spend a lot of time listening to it. I thought LLM was really strong, but HMF is even better. No need to go into song-by-song-detail here for me, because the record is so full everything, it’s really brilliant in so many aspects: fantastic riffs and melodies, interesting rhythms, many moods and paces, great instrumental performance, really good vocals (and I haven’t even paid attention to most of the lyrics yet, but I bet they must be bloody clever, too! ;-)).

                        The production is probably one of their most elaborate ever, compared to the other albums after Geb left HMF sounds almost slick (but still raw enough, don’t get me wrong!) It sounds really first class.

                        It won’t be easy to play these songs as similar to the studio versions as possibel (speaking of many layers), yet I’m absolutely freaking out on the prospect of hearing the new material live. I’m totally convinced, on stage the new songs will be total killers!

                        Sorry for the long post, euphoria has taken over me (and was listening to HMF while I wrote this)

                        Thank you, Bent, Snah and Kenneth! Thank you once again! :-)


                        oh, and I didn’t even mention the very nice package! the cover isn’t exactly what I’d call beautiful, but it fits the atmosphere of the record. the multifold, etched vinyl packaging is awesome, especially if you consider the price. Also, it’s lovely the way the vinyl version and the CD differ on some tracks.

                        btw, HMF is, as was LLM, an album in favor of the CD (although I normally prefer listening to vinyl for some reasons), because the flow of the 60 minutes is ever so perfect.

                          Phoot’s Flower comes in with a “Heal The World” refrain


                          now imagine evryone singalong live.


                            From Rune Grammofon:

                            “Please also note that on 22. February we will release the new Elephant9 album on both CD and LP and the first Motorpsycho 7” for quite some time. This is a shorter version of X-3 (Knuckleheads In Space) b/w I.C.U (Boinganoid), an outtake from the HMF sessions, and comes in a Kim Hiorthøy picture sleeve. Please note that this little beauty comes in a limited edition of 1000 copies for the world and only on Rune Grammofon. Please don´t email us orders, these will be ignored. We will accept pre-orders soon.”

                            Thanks to Arild @ g35.

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