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      From Rune Grammofon’s website (and crossposted from the almighty G-35):

      21.04 Luxembourg (Den Atelier)

      23.04 Tilburg (Roadburn Festival), The Netherlands

      28.04 Halden (Brygga Kultursal), Norway

      06.06 Drammen (Workingclasshero Festivalen), Norway

      02.07 Tromsø (Buktafestivalen), Norway

      16.07 Tønsberg (Slottsfjellfestivalen), Norway

      25.07 Nordfjordeid (Malakoff Rockfestival), Norway

      07.08 Ã…ndalsnes (Rauma Rock), Norway

      21.08 Trondheim (Pstereo), Norway


        Pstereo? That’s fantastic news. :-)

        Vegard B. Havdal

          A little recommendation for those planning to visit from abroad, if you’re remotely interested in scenery and travel in general, I would go to Nordfjoreid. Some flickr pics


            Oh, Slottsfjell! Idyll.


            Look what I’ve found

            First I thought W.t.F. MP in Paris, but then I found out it is only a Motorpsycho-motto-party



              Cool, but what is a Motorpsycho motto party?


                Sigh… would be nice to have a (surprise) show nearby.


                hy, any chance to get recordings of this tour? any plans? thanks!


                  would be great if someone could record the gig in Luxembourg on Tuesday. Anyone there??


                  have fun tonight guys!


                  I am one lucky guy who will be at the Atelier tonight. I will report tomorrow.

                  I don´t have to tell you how much I am looking forward to see and hear them in a few hours…


                  motorpsycho are rocking tilburg today, right?! HAVE FUN GUYS!!


                    @Vegard: How do you get to and from Nordfjordeid? Plane? Train? Where can I live? Tell me more. I’m on the verge of booking trips to 3-4 of the summer gigs :)

                    Vegard B. Havdal

                      TB: good question, I’m not sure, I haven’t been there, I just meant to say that western Norway in general is great. You can fly to Ørsta/Volda, but I think it’s extremely expensive to fly to those small palaces. And bus…


                      It’s actually not THAT expensive. NOK 1302 (about 200 USD or 150 EURO) Oslo – Ørsta/Volda and back is not bad.

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                    …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994