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    Anyone know the number of pressingsof vol 1. ?


      Just listened to Maiden Voyage and it sounds great. The Only complaint is that they credited a picture to Kjell Runar and not me. :D


      Had to pay again 29€ extra tax.

      What the hell?


        Has anyone received it yet?


        Arrived yesterday after being held for a week at the custom.

        Very nice object.


          It arrived in Japan today! I am happy to finally have Maiden Voyage.


            I paid customs (which was a nice, low €1.20, plus the annoying, stupidly high €7.50 fee – that's Sweden for ya) last week, and I got the package here in Stockholm yesterday. Super nice reading and cool pix with the "Maiden voyage" release.

            Will soon/"soon" try to sell the three albums from this bundle that I don't want to keep :|

            The Other Anders

              Then try ordering from outside of the EU in Denmark:

              25% VAT + import fee of €22 for goods between €0-155. Above €155 add an additional 2,5% customs on the value of goods, packaging and postage, then add VAT of that price, then add import fee.

              Needless to say, these limited releases are already too expensive before postage, VAT and fees. I have stopped buying them.

              The import fee in Norway, btw, is €15.

              It's all political, and apparently we love to pay taxes and fees up here in the north in order to protect our home market. Question is: Who does it protect? Not the creators, that's for sure.


                @The Other Anders: Ouff 8O Sorry to hear that, and thanks for putting things into perspective! Sweden isn't that bad after all. Even if Postnord has invested billions in deteriorating service here during the last decade, I gotta remind myself that customs ain't Postnord, and it can always be worse – somewhere else, or here soon. Sorry for offtopicism!

                The Other Anders

                  @grindove: No worries. "Postnord has invested billions in detoriating service", hahaha :-) Right on! And to add unsult to injury, it's taxpayers money.

                  I don't find our ramblings here off topic at all.

                Viewing 10 posts - 61 through 70 (of 70 total)
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