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    Punj Lizard

      @pfnuesel – personally, to start, I would recommend their second album In Search of Space as a classic of space rock. It also contains the two tracks mentioned above that MP covered ("Master of the Universe" and "You Shouldn't Do That"). Beyond that, Space Ritual is widely regarded among space rock fans as one of the greatest double live albums ever. I hope you have a pleasant flight.


        In Search of Space is exactly the record I listened to back in the days. But there's no reason to not continue there again! Thanks for the suggestion!

        Punj Lizard

          Ha ha!! Move forward a bit in time then – Doremi Fasol Latido is a little heavier (especially with Lemmy now on board). Hall of the Mountain Grill is a little more varied and Warrior on the Edge of Time is slightly more progressive and features poetry of the brilliant psychedelic/SF author Michael Moorcock.


            I Just listened to Doremi Fasol Latido (vinyl album) again last weekend, inspired by this thread. Was surprised how shaky and rather untogether the music appeared to me. Once one of my favourite HW albums, it nowadays reflects the state of the band in a period of transition between extended space rock jams and proper songwriting, with Lemmy rather new on board and the driving engine still making weird noises.

            (Had listened to the CD remaster version the last times – sounds more powerful and energetic to me).

            Classic songs abounding, though imho they find their definitive shape on the following Space Ritual album (almost all of them present, except for Lemmy's "Watcher"). The latter in its shaky, doom-laden form and content rather reprents the overall charakter of DoReMi for me.

            My favourite HW year is nowadays 1973 (if you count the december 72 space ritual recordings in), although most of my favourite material is rather obscure: The brilliant London 73 gig which shamefully only exists in inferior sound quality on "Bring me the head of Yuri Gagarin" with propably the best Calvert delivery ever ("Wage War" and "In The Egg") as well as the jammy Windsor Free Festival gig (bootleg) with the first appearances of the "Warrior on the edge" themes and Calverts "Ode to a timeflower".


            @pfnuesel – If you want to try and grok the whole Hawkwind oeuvre, I suggest listening to 'Space Ritual', 'Quark, Strangeness and Charm', 'Live 79', 'Chronicle of the Black Sword', 'Electric Teepee'.

            1973 is peak for sure. 'Yuri Gagarin' was re-released with better sound as 'Empire Pool Wembley 1973'. Great gig. Windsor is unique and awesome. There are quite a few other shows in circulation worth a listen. If you dive into the more obscure HW boots, you have to get your head into the game. Imagine listening to the show from inside a running laundry machine.

            Most important, do not miss the Greasy Truckers set from 1972. That's been released with fantastic sound. This is required listening for early Hawkwind fans. It captures the band in full flight. Brock has told a story about how the whole band dosed prior to the show and could not be persuaded to go on stage for quite some time. Lemmy told a story about the roadies hooking his boot heels on the back of the stage and levering him up into a standing position for the gig. You can hear the synapses crackling on this show.


            Where would i Start as a long Time Hawkwind fan since 1986.

            Studio Album: Warrior …1975,Levitation,Electic Tepee 1992,Alien 4 1995,The Maschine Stops 2016.

            Live/Studio: Roadhawks1976!,PXR5 1979!!!

            at the Start: I am not a Fanboy Doremi is totally crap as always Hawkwind is an absoluty Live

            Band many Studio Albums are not really great! For Me the best live period 1976-78!

            All the Best Nummer6


              Thanks for all the suggestions. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but realistically I won't listen to more than one, maybe two records, and then it either clicks or it doesn't.

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            …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994