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      Ghost and On A Plate really don't do it for me so much. But the rest is a whole different experience. The Promise, Kvaestor and Hell pt 7 especially. If all of the album was up there, then it'd be a top 3 MP record for me.


        very Jimmy Pagey guitar solo in Hell pt 4. :D


        In Hell pt. 7 from 6:50 on Reine (I think) plays the melody/riff from the very beginning of part 1. :idea:


        i agree supernaut, "ghost", "on a plate" and even "hell7" are not working for me.

        "ghost" is nice but boring somehow – nothings really goin on there. and the other two songs are too much rock-posing.


          I don't see any negative rock posing there. I like a band with balls and energy and joyful playing. Hell 7 is pure rocking fun with some wild aggression thrown in as well. This mix works for me. On A Plate has its moments but builds on a riff that I find not so intriguing, as opposed to Hell, The Promise and Magic & Wonder.


          Ghost is good but still too depressive for me… :) Entropy really grows, beautiful bass playing by Bent.

          Yep, too much balls don't do it for me too but On A Plate is "still ok" ;) , musically Hell Pt 7 also but the idea you get of the title "Victim Of Rock" combined with the video is kinda ummm.. yes… funny… but also kinda "bally". ;)


            "Balls" in rock music isn't a dumb macho thing. It's just about energy and letting go. I don't think MP has any issue with that so why should the listener? Au contraire, restraining oneself due to some weird and vague guidelines given to somebody by anybody kills music. That's one of those "indie" things I never got behind. :)


              I confess I am among the "Gost" lovers! Best song on BTS! The live clip from Kongsberg confirms this. Intense!


                yes that Kongsberg clip did boost my appreciation for Ghost quite a bit.


                I agree that live version of Ghost is really great. There is always something to find in this band you would never expect!

                "Balls" in rock music in too many examples is present too much! For some guys there is no difference in having a big car or a big amp (they just would never admit that).

                MP is far away from that luckily and in no way it distracts my judging of the music.

                Keep yourself as open as possible but it's exactly many musicians in that underground scenes who sing and sell an openess they don't really live by themselves.


                  yea, the live version is really nice!

                  but i nerver heard a bad live version of any MP anyway :-)

                    For some guys there is no difference in having a big car or a big amp (they just would never admit that).

                    I have no car but a big amp. Some people tell me I have a great bass sound, some tell me my amp is suspiciously big, sometimes they're the very same people. I never got that but found some people do way too much confused interpretation and beginners' psychology there. :mrgreen: You don't get the low end ooomph without some proper watts and cabinets. Fact. Look what MP hurl onto the stage. And what about Young Man's Blues, Feedtime, Kill Devil Hills, Superstooge, Up Our Sleeves and all the lot?


                    "You don't get the low end ooomph without some proper watts and cabinets. Fact."

                    Believing in that contains some "balls" already. And that's alright and I didn't say I am necessariliy free of that either. But there's alot in between.

                    From the audio engineer perspective you do not necessarily need a big amp to make a big sound. It always depends on the situation. Rock n'Roll is big drums and loud, electrified guitars. There's no doubt. But you don't really need as much as some bands put on stage imho.

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