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      Ok, silly question: downloaded the torrent, but how the HELL do I convert it to something listenable (on a mac!)?

      Edit: also downloaded several converters, but they don't seem to work…. The strange thing is that I've done it before, but now nothing works…. I used Vuze by the way.


        The files are compressed with the official FLAC prog (on linux, but that shouldn't make a difference). FLAC should work everywere. But I have zero experience with MAC, so I can't help you. My only advice is to get something which isn't mac.

        You might get lucky here:


        @ Mark:

        I'll always use Foobar2000 for converting FLAC to WAV, WAV to MP3 etc.

        Available for Mac (with some effort):

        Simple way to run foobar2000 on Mac


        @ TvdR:

        About that beautiful Alpine White Gibson EDS-1275 double neck,

        I regret having the next sentence in my vocabulary but:

        I'll tap that ass!

        (If it ever would be in my vicinity)

        The owner probably would just let it to be tapped with one finger before he/she sends the dogs for me…


          i use "switch" on my mac. you can listen and convert flac files with it!


            1:23 (83min) makes it unCDburnable, I guess?


              thanks guys!

              Edit: Success!


                Edelman: If you make a little bit of editing, like removing the last 3 mins of applause + the first 30 secs which is basically silence, then it should just about fit a 80 minute CD.


                @supernaut: That could very well be, that it is a handbuilt one. This is just what came to mind. That, or he found a Rex Bogue ( or the Ibanez copy thereof – recently reissued in a 45 piece run (

                My Epiphone is excellent in every way, although I could be lucky. I've read on some forums posts by people who detest theirs because of soundproblems (pickups, uneven wood, etc.) or hardwareproblems. But of course this thing costs a fraction of what the Gibson costs, and no two guitars are ever the same. One of my tuningpegs is a bit messed up (it has some play from the start, but I can live with that – for now), but it came out of the box beautifully set up and it resonates magnificently. So if you can pick one up cheap, try it out a bit first (like always) and then by all means buy it!

                @Crackpot: If you're lucky and nice, I MIGHT let you lay a finger – or even a whole hand – on mine… :D But although that white one (as used by John McLaughlin, as you well know) is beautiful, I must admit I like it more in cherry. Have you seen the Jimmy Page signature version ( ?

                grtz, T


                  it was in a shop in germany, i only happened to be there a couple of days. there went my chance. now i got my eyes on a epiphone non reverse thunderbird. :)


                    listening now. nice recording. thanks again.

                    i love that part starting at about 15min, sounds like the eerie soundscapes pink floyd used to do. careful with that e-bow, hans.


                    Thanks for the recording Rolf, really cool! As I'm anal retentive when it comes to having covers for my itunes albums, I made one for this recording. It is available here




                    I know I keep asking and I'm being ignored again and again, but

                    is it possible to get this (and other recordings) without having to use Torrent?


                      Joecoco: I have the FLACs laying in my public Dropbox-folder and I can send you the link. E-mail me: mpnews[at]motorgigs[dot]org!


                      jazznik: very nice cover, thank you!

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