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      yep I wrote the tix seller office, hopefully it'll turn out fine.

      With my first order I got 2 tix for the evening show with 2 receits for 500kr each.

      Now for the afternoon show I strangely got one ticket with one receit for 1000kr, but it only mentions the one seat, not both of them. So it's probably not a combo ticket.

      we'll see…


      I don't worry too much about having 2 shows a day. It could be too much for me as a listener but I trust the band to pull it off easily. I do wonder how much room for variety there will be but they will come prepared for this. And probably play different encores and/or additional songs.

      "like a good italian opera" :D


        if someone has a spare ticket for the late show…let me know…;-)


          Two shows on one day will be a lot to assimilate, but flying in to Oslo for the opera it would be a sacrilege not to go in the afternoon as well. Since there are so many artists involved it might simply be an logistical reason that they do two shows on Sunday – everyone is available.

          I have the feeling we should not expect too many encores, at least there are only 3 hours between both shows and you have to empty the place inbetween as well (though I am sure more than 80% will be double-visitors.) One great extra tune would do, the available instruments could bring up some mp-nuggets :MPD:

          Received two separate tickets (500 nok each) btw., just like with the first order.


            Just got my tickets for the extra show. Front middle. There are plenty of tickets left, so go crazy!


            Come back from vacation, ticket in the mail! 17:00, first row, middle, cool!!


            found that only one seat for 20:00 show can order this morning… April 9th… canceled seat? i ordered quickly and got auto confirmation mail, just pray that ticket will come to my place without any problems….


              After concideration I decided to buy a ticket for the early show as well :lol:

              Far up on Balcony #2. Will be nice to se how the sound in the Opera turns out.


                Recommendations for Oslo places to sleep? Good price and not in the outskirts?


                Cochs Pensjonat ( )is cheap and about a 20 minutes walk away from the Opera. Should be fine!


                  600NOK a night is considered cheap? Norway is some expensive place… 8O


                    Compared to the rest of the world (or at least most of it) it… is.

                    Here is an amusing read from the New York Times

                    Makes me happy I'm not a tourist here.

                      labor costs and agricultural protectionism

                      Fair enough.


                        It's just weird that for about 5 years now I've been paying three figure sums to see this band due to forced traveling. :lol: MP in my hometown = hell freezes over.


                          You can stay in central London, in a Travelodge, private en suite room for as little as £29. When I was looking into my planned trip to Oslo I nearly fainted with shock at hotel prices. Then again I assume the cost of living there must reflect the income

                          Out of interest. How much is a pint of beer ?

                          Vegard B. Havdal

                            ≈568 mL


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                          …hanging on to the trip you're on since 1994